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Pictures, videos and other images are a very important component of content marketing, especially digital marketing. One common challenge for an MSP website developer is resizing and formatting a photo or other image so it can be downloaded to emails, websites, social media platforms, and YouTube. It’s also important to note that large images will slow down the speed that a website loads.

What Makes Up A Digital Image For A MSP Website

First, it is helpful to understand what makes up a digital image. Photos taken using today’s smartphones and cameras are created using pixels. A pixel means picture element that is made up of programmable colors you see on a computer display. For example, a camera that takes 10 megapixels photos means that each photo has 10 million pixels (mega = million). A large image will have millions of pixels, taking up a large amount of storage space, resulting in extremely slow loading times. Large images must be reduced in size to download to popular social media sites and even your website.

Here’s A Simple Solution

The solution to this common problem is either compressing the image or reducing the size of the photo by decreasing the number of pixels. Compressing the image is not recommended because it affects the quality of the image. A website, www.reduceimages.com, has the tools needed to easily reduce the size of images. Here’s how it works:

1. Go to www.reduceimages.com

2. Select and upload your image where indicated

3. Select the size, quality and format needed (jpg, gif, bmp, png)

4. Select Resize

5. Download the resized image

Check out this video tip showing how easy it is to reduce the size of an image. Grade your MSP website now at https://www.ulistic.com.

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