Should MSPs Partner with PC Matic?

PC Matic's VP of Sales Corey Munson joins Ulistic's Stuart Crawford in a Q&A to discuss how MSPs can meet today's cybersecurity challenges.

Should MSPs Partner with PC Matic?

Between skyrocketing support costs and poorly secured Wi-Fi networks, the face of cybersecurity is changing for MSPs offering consumer solutions. PC Matic's VP of Sales Corey Munson joins Ulistic's Stuart Crawford in a Q&A to discuss how MSPs can meet today's cybersecurity challenges.

Is It Time for MSPs to Reevaluate What They Offer?

Munson cautions MSPs to be transparent and honest about what they can deliver to consumers. He says they've seen an influx of MSPs taking a step back and reevaluating the security stack tools they're using. And they realize they're overpaying for technology that they either don't have the resources to use or don't have the finances to support any longer.

Consequently, there's a renewed interest in what PC Matic offers. It's a more simplistic and straightforward software, yet it's still highly effective and considerably more affordable.

How Do You Handle Channel Conflict?

Crawford and Munson agree that some MSPs may be nervous about a conflict of interest since PC Matic has previously worked in the consumer market. Munson makes it clear that PC Matic draws a definite line between consumer and B2B relationships.

PC Matic's clients often need more than the software licensing that they offer. Instead, these businesses are also looking for a company that can manage IT. What that means for MSPs is there's an opportunity for co-managed services and referrals.

Federal-Level Security

PC Matic is also more than just another consumer product. It provides real-time security that's becoming an industry best practice. Munson says CMMC Standards three, four, and five use allow listings (whitelisting) as part of standard security protocol. And while this might not sound like anything new, the thing that PC Matic does that is new is to automate the process in real-time.

As liability becomes more of an issue because of increasingly prolific cyberattacks, likely, significant changes are coming in underwriting standards and requirements for cybersecurity liability insurance in all cloud-based file sharing. PC Matic offers endpoint security using whitelist technology to secure data and checks off that security compliance box.

Do You Integrate With ConnectWise?

Crawford says one of the frequently asked questions is along the lines of, do you integrate with ConnectWise? While integration with remote monitoring and management (RMM) software is on the road map, Munson says that it's not a priority for PC Matic.

He says it's strong enough as a stand-alone product to hold its own in the meantime. In fact, it's setting industry standards.

Partnership Opportunities for MSPs

After their national television commercials aired, Munson says that they got an influx of business far beyond their original consumer base. They talked to small to medium business owners, IT directors, and even school boards looking for security solutions. Then the company put together a team that vets opportunities and connects them with a channel partner.

The PC Matic MSP partner program offers shared opportunities with a proactive set of tools, specialized resources, and easy-to-manage cybersecurity solutions. More than that, Munson says, they work with their partner MSPs to promote partner services and educate MSPs on selling to business owners.

Munson says that the bottom line is that an MSP's clients want to know about business continuity and making payroll. The last thing they want to worry about is technology.

Remote Work and Security

As more people work from home, the remote worker sector is opening up new opportunities for MSPs as well. According to Munson, roughly 60 percent of those remote workers are using their own devices. Personal devices open up security holes, and he sees opportunities for MSPs to help clients create a secure home network and more.

How Do MSPs Partner With PC Matic?

It's easy to become a partner. You can request a trial or demo. Or give PC Matic a call. You can also fill out the partner application online, and you'll likely have access to the partner portal in 24 hours if your application is accepted. Get in touch with Corey Munson by email, or connect with him via LinkedIn.

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