Partnering For Success: The Story of NOVA Computer Solutions

We follow the journey of NOVA Computer Solutions, a major MSP that specializes in the dental industry, and learn how they went from zero to hero. Part of that success lies in the partnership with Ulistic.

Partnering For Success: The Story of NOVA Computer Solutions

Today, we follow the journey of NOVA Computer Solutions, a major MSP that specializes in the dental industry, and learn how they went from zero to hero. Part of that success lies in the partnership with Ulistic.

History of NOVA Computer Solutions

Founded by Daniel De Steno in 2000, Northern Virginia Computer Solutions L.L.C.  has grown into a major IT services provider that specializes in dental care. Unlike other MSPs that provide services to a wide range of industries, NOVA Computer Solutions only focus on the dental industry. They provide services to orthodontists, oral surgeons, general dentistry, among others. 95.62 percent of their clients are in the dental industry. Their hyper-focused market segment gives them an advantage over competitors, especially in a demanding field like dental care.

How Daniel Got Started with the Dental Industry

Daniel was working for the US government when they decided to offer him a contract in South Korea. Having to choose between building a family with his wife and moving abroad, he chose the latter. Daniel's wife was working as a dental assistant in a practice in Fairfax at the time. One day, her employer had some challenges with his computers, and Daniel was asked to help out. He did such a good job that the dentist referred him to another dentist in the area. From those incidents, Daniel saw a potential business opportunity in giving dental professionals assistance in dental-specific technology and offering guidance advice from a technology side of the house. The best thing was that he could utilize his skills and experience working for the government to branch out on his own. He made a mere $456 the very first month but that didn't stop him from focusing on building the business and acquiring new clients.

How NOVA Computer Solutions Established Itself Among Competitors

It's their extensive knowledge in the dental industry that sets them apart. They can speak the same language as its clients from day one, understanding what intraoral cameras are, or how a digital X-ray works. Not only do they have technical knowledge in the field, but they are also well-versed when it comes to software management. An ordinary IT company that caters its service to restaurants, dry cleaners, manufacturing offices, gyms, etc. will have a challenging time learning the ropes of the nature of the software and hardware sides of dental practices. NOVA Computer Solutions has a clear advantage over them because they can get up to full working capacity the moment they start a project, skipping all the learning-the-ropes phases.

In fields like dental and medical care, there are many compliance issues to pay attention to, such as data security concerns or network security concerns, and only a specialized MSP in the field can help these businesses navigate through all the compliance requirements without making mistakes.

NOVA Computer Solutions' Marketing Success Journey

Daniel realized that he and his team didn't have the right skill set or knowledge to come up with a marketing solution themselves to attract new prospects. Through his experience working with an insurance agency that only worked with MSPs, Daniel came to the idea of looking for a marketing agency with a similar specialization. After going through some trials and errors with other marketing agencies, Daniel came to seek help from Ulistic. Ulistic helped Daniel realize that the best approach was to focus on what they have already been doing well: providing IT services to dental practices. They would then create their first campaign in January 2018 to target the dental vertical.

It took months for Daniel to start seeing the results of the Ulistic's marketing campaign. It's understandable given the nature of SEO: Results will come slowly. It's not like paid advertising where you get instant results the moment you pay for traffic. At one point, Daniel was reluctant and doubtful, given the amount he spent on the campaign. It was the biggest amount he had ever spent on marketing. But ultimately, as we all know now, the money and effort had paid off.

To help new prospects learn about their process and values, Daniel and his team at NOVA Computer Solutions decided to put up a case study featuring a common problem most dental professionals encounter in their careers and how they came up with the solution. That case study became quite popular and helped them land some quality leads. Posting case studies is not only an effective marketing tactic but also helps establish yourself as an expert in the field.

They started to get leads in July 2018, and by September 2018, they have already generated enough profits from leads to pay Ulistic for the entire year. The results were impressive given how Daniel was worried during the first few months when nothing seemed to change. And it did not stop there. Their monthly recurring revenues doubled from January 2018 to July 2019. They've brought in four new team members since 2018, expanded their staff, and partnered with new clients. Daniel was proud to say that 2019 was their most profitable year in the last 10 years, and he expected even a better year this year.

How Can You Achieve Similar Results?

You can achieve NOVA's results if you follow the right marketing path. Many MSPs struggle to find new clients because they don't know how to set themselves apart. At Ulistic, we know the MSP industry inside out. That means we don't waste time (and your money) offering some generic marketing plan that will deliver minimal results. We help you establish a brand, build awareness online, and use the right metrics to track every campaign to help you know your progress towards the goal. As Daniel pointed out, it's important to work with a marketing agency that speaks the same language. For MSPs, working with an MSP marketing agency will help them cut many corners. Contact us today to learn about the range of services we offer, and we'll be happy to be your trustworthy partner in your success journey.


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