Give Your MSP Website Some Oxygen

Stuart Crawford, CEO at Ulistic, is a strong advocator for Oxygen Builder as the best WordPress editor for MSPs that want to optimize their websites.

Oxygen: The Fuel For Your MSP Website

42% of websites around the world are built on WordPress because of its ease of use. It doesn't require in-depth technical knowledge to set up or customize. The many visual editors available on the market today allow you to build your WordPress website without any complex coding.

Some popular names that have been trending for this purpose include:

  • Beaver
  • Oxygen
  • Elementor - We are aware of one MSP Marketing company using this
  • Divi - Just sucks (Stuart's opinion)

However, they don't all produce the same results in optimizing your website. For example, Elementor and Divi have low-performing metrics, falling behind Oxygen and Beaver in Google ranking.

Stuart Crawford, CEO at Ulistic, is a strong advocator for Oxygen Builder as the best WordPress editor for MSPs that want to optimize their websites. Let's delve into what makes the Oxygen plugin an attractive WordPress website builder and why you should use it.

What is Oxygen WordPress Builder?

Oxygen builder is among the least discussed WordPress plugins on the market but one of the most powerful tools you could ever have for your WordPress site. It's an oasis for developers who are tired of having the most basic form of their WordPress sites. It comes with supreme functionalities compared to its Elementor and Divi counterparts.

One of the most outstanding factors that make Oxygen a unique tool is the super clean, lean, and bloat-free codes. These features enhance your website pages' loading time, giving them excellent Google PageSpeed and Lighthouse scores.

It also allows for easy customization beyond any existing limits. Developers describe it as a powerhouse in creating fast-loading, clean, and robust WordPress themes.

Oxygen also features a drag-and-drop feature with full editing capability. This means that you are at liberty to design and build all your site elements like post layouts, header, footer, and page layouts in Oxygen Builder. This is an excellent thing that allows you to save the globally reusable parts and utilize the global colors available in the builder. You can therefore keep the branding colors consistent all over the website.

You can also easily design your website with PHP, HTML, Javascript, and CSS right on any page for customizations.

Advantages of Oxygen Builder

Before moving on to the advantages of using Oxygen, it's worth noting that the tool is best used by more experienced developers. If you're new in web design, you may have to hire the services of a professional developer to get the most out of Oxygen. However, there are cases when it can be a suitable choice:

  • If you're interested in learning more about website development to reduce the costs of hiring a developer. Oxygen has an easy learning curve and can be the most suitable tool to get you started since it has elements you may already be aware of, and a set of complex functionalities.
  • If your team of web developers in your MSP are experienced enough and you want to give them total control over your website development

Ease of Use

Oxygen is powerful yet flexible in its use and functionalities, especially for people with expertise in web development. While it supports complete frontend editing, it's more of a tool for developers and designers. The complex functionalities enhance the developer's workflow.

Pre-Built Templates 

Unfortunately, Oxygen Builder doesn't have a wide variety of templates to choose from, as those provided are simply content packs of various elements that you can add to the page. However, you will like how attractive the templates are, and their ease of editing. You can also optimize them for different screen sizes.

Clean, Lean, and Bloat-Free

Oxygen is 10 times leaner than Beaver, 25 times leaner than Elementor, and 50 times leaner than Divi. It generally only loads the styles and scripts that your design cannot do without. The other builders load everything even when they are not needed. For example, they will load slider scripts, icon libraries, animation styles, and motion effects even when the site doesn't need these elements.

Bloat matters more than people think. Most argue that modern internet connections are fast, but this is not always the case. Slow internet connectivity is a common occurrence. Think of a cell phone without an excellent signal or at the airport where the signal won't pick properly. In such cases, a bloated website slows down and will make you lose business. One without bloat will load quickly, which is the factor that makes Oxygen your ideal builder.

Features of Oxygen Builder

Oxygen provides you with several great features that make it easy to customize your website:

  • Drag and Drop Editing: The tool allows you to drag element edges to determine the appropriate setting. You can also drag and drop them to reorder.
  • WooCommerce: gives you visual control of every part of the WooCommerce store on your website
  • Header Builder: allows you to customize your site headers visually, including sticky and overlay headers
  • Global colors: you can edit colors in one place, and the changes will take effect wherever you used the color
  • Advanced functionalities for flexible builder elements: the builder creates dynamic data with loops and repeaters
  • CDN friendly: You can use Amazon CloudFront, Cloudflare, or any other Content Delivery Network (CDN)
  • Google Font Weight Chooser: you can reduce the number of font files that your site must download for display by forcing the use of the only font you choose.

Getting Started with Oxygen Builder

Like most other paid plugins, you need to download Oxygen after you sign up on their website. You will then upload it manually into your WordPress site in a simple procedure. After activating the plugin, you'll get an installation prompt, after which you'll create a page to get the actual Oxygen interface. Give it a title and publish it to gain access to the builder.

In the first instance, getting started with the builder will feel complex and unfamiliar. Developers who have used it before say that you may need a few Google searches to understand how to use the many elements.

This is where expert help comes in to save you time and frustration. If you want the assistance of an expert who has walked down that path in building their MSP website with Oxygen, let one from Ulistic help you. Contact us today for consultation on website optimization and other related issues to help your MSP website thrive.


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