Now This Is Liberating!

You'll find this blog post to be freeing. Yes, it's not only liberating but removes a lot of stress and worry that's taking up the energy you should be focusing on your business.

Why You Should Stop Worrying About The Competition

8 Tips To Get You Out Of Your Worry Rut

I was sitting in my backyard, relaxing on Labor Day last year and, like I typically do, got to thinking about Managed Service Providers. Today I was contemplating how everyone worries about their competition.

When it comes to Ulistic, I don't do this. There are plenty of other marketing companies like Ulistic that serve the IT Managed Services community.

And you know... they're all great and do good work! You'd think that I'd be worried about them. Well...I don't.

They don't even come across my radar unless I'm trying to find ways to work with them. Yes, I sometimes send them leads that we don't want to take on for one reason or another. They send us leads that don't work for them as well.

Why don't I worry about our competition?

Because, we're coming from a place of abundance. There's a lot of business going on in the MSP space – way more than one company can handle.

This is liberating for me. In other words, our competition isn't our competition. If one of our clients goes to Marketopia, or their clients come to us, it's all good.

I've found that when I liberate myself from worries about the competition, Ulistic is much better off. You should try this for your MSP business.

Don't worry about the MSP down the street that's offering a 3-month free trial, and that you have to figure out a way to compete with this. Do your own thing.

You'll find that it's not only liberating but removes a lot of stress and worry that's taking up the energy you should be focusing on your business.

In other words... Hit the road and drive on your own path.

How Can You Stop Worrying About The Competition?

Here Are 8 Tips For You

1. Stop Comparing Your MSP Business To Others

Your competitors may have been in business longer than you. Perhaps they serve a different vertical and offer services that you don't plan to.

Rather than trying to measure up to what they're doing, focus on what you're good at. You may be skilled in IT for law firms. They may have a skill for Financial Services technology.

You're probably more different than you know. Focus on what you're good at and don't try to be everything for everyone.

2. Focus On Your Target Audience

Focus your thoughts and efforts on your customers and prospective ones. What is your target audience? You have to determine this before you go "spinning your wheels" and end up going in the wrong direction.

3. Determine What Your Audience Wants

Put yourself in their place and ask yourself these 3 questions:

  1. If I were them, what would I want an MSP to provide?
  2. How can you make this happen?
  3. How can you communicate this to your prospects?

4. Remember That Your Competitors Are Worried About You Too

Your competing MSP businesses are just as fearful as you are. They're watching what you're doing and worrying. And, believe me... they know what you're doing. Let them stress out. It will distract them while you're doing your own thing.

5. Celebrate Your Wins!

Stop putting yourself down. Perhaps your team deserves a "trophy" for doing a great job helping a client.

Read some of the great testimonials you've received to remind yourself about the "wins." Don't stress over the negative ones.

And don't forget to praise your team for the small wins along the way. Focus on what you've done right and do it again and again.

6. Take A Ride With The Pack

When driving in a race, competitors usually gang up in a pack to help each other gain speed. Yes, ... they're competing, but helping each other along the way.

They often have their eye on the one guy who's always out in front. As a team, they can move ahead of him.

Once they pass him and approach the final lap, they get into gear and race for the checkered flag.

Keep your competitors close. Watch what they do right and follow their lead. Don't worry about them.

Instead, learn from what they do to succeed and use these takeaways to drive your MSP business forward. You have more to gain by doing this than worrying about their success.

7. Hit The Road!

Stop making excuses and being your own worst enemy. Get up from your desk and get out there and market!

Hit the pavement - go to Chamber of Commerce meetings. Find out where your prospects hang out and go there to meet them.

If you specialize in healthcare IT, go to the medical conferences in your area. Set up an exhibit.

It's all about visibility and developing trust. You can market online, but you must also market in person.

8. Remember – There's A TON Of Work Out There!

There's way more work out there than a few MSPs in your area can handle. Businesses are starting up all the time and everyone needs technology today. You just need to find ways to reach them.

Call...I'm here for you.




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