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MSPs are in the business of providing exceptional value to their clients. It’s not charity or just another sale and it never should be.

MSP Sales Professional

Every MSP business owner or Sales Professional wants to increase sales but do they do it with a sense of noble purpose?

That’s a difficult question to answer. On one hand, the thought of a sales organization having a so-called noble sales purpose sounds like bullroar. On the other hand, statistics show it’s what defines truly exceptional sales teams. Being purpose-driven is what separates average performance from outstanding performance as well as boosting revenue.

So what’s the difference between the two and how do you recognize it?

According to best-selling business author and sales leadership expert Lisa McLeod, what differentiates top performers from the rest isn’t being focused on earning big commissions. It comes down to wanting to help people by giving them access (through sales) to a product or service they want or need to improve their lives or business.

Therefore, if you as a managed service provider (MSP) truly believe you and your team are in the business of solving your client’s problems and making their lives easier, that’s a noble sales purpose. It also drives repeat business from happy clients who trust you and your team to only sell to them what they need to be successful.

Inspiring Your Sales Team

A noble sales purpose can also motivate your sales staff. If your team recognizes that they’re in the business of helping people and improving their client’s business conditions, it reaps its own rewards that money could never buy. Moreover, it creates a positive working atmosphere that is as powerful as it is contagious.

Before you can discover your team’s noble sales purpose, a period of introspection is required. Reflect on what it is that’s working well and what isn’t. Ask your salespeople what they love and hate about their jobs. What makes them proud? What excites them? Is it just about earning a lot of money? Or do they want to get something more for their efforts?

Solicit honest feedback from your employees and weigh how you’re collectively doing business. What can you do to improve things despite the pressure that’s synonymous with sales?

Focus on Your Clients

In the words of Peter F. Drucker, the godfather of modern business management, “Profit is not the purpose of a business, but rather, the test of its validity.” Chew on the meaning behind those words for a while. How do they apply to your business?

You should come to the conclusion that though you’re in business to make money, you’re earning it by doing something for someone that delights your clients and improves their business. As an MSP, you’re in the business of providing exceptional value to your clients. It’s not charity or just another sale and it never should be. If it is, then you need to take a long, hard look in the mirror.

Be sure to surf over to Lisa’s website. I recommend you get a copy of her book, “Selling with Noble Purpose — How to Drive Revenue and Do Work That Makes You Proud.”

If you have questions about you should apply her teachings to your business’s sales methodology, give us a call. After all, that’s Ulistic’s noble sales purpose: helping MSPs reach their goals by improving how they market themselves and do business.

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