No Bullshit SEO Advice For MSPs

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No Bullshit SEO Advice For MSPs

In every MSP marketing campaign, you create, you will inevitably need to include search engine optimization (SEO). You will also need niche keywords if you want to drive legitimate and qualified leads and web traffic to your MSP business. However, you cannot generate niche keywords by making wild guesses. Generating nice keywords requires proper and thorough research and analysis to determine the best ones.

One of the most effective search engine optimization tactics is keyword research. Keyword research can open the door to captivating content marketing ideas and link building. This is generally done by using a keyword research tool. During the use of a keyword research tool, you should take into consideration how much search volume a specific keyword generates and how challenging it may be for your MSP website to rank for the keyword.

During your search for effective keywords, you should have a solid list of niche keywords that can be used for compelling content ideas.

What is a Niche Keyword?

A niche keyword in the MSP industry consists of specific words or phrases that focus on the MSP industry and specific services that are performed by MSPs. Your target audience will typically use niche keywords because they are highly specific to their search query, and nice keywords generally consist of three or more search terms. Niche keywords are beneficial because prospective clients can easily find you if you are within their radius. Industry-specific terms can direct more qualified leads to your MSP business.

How Do I Focus on Niche Keywords?

MSP is a competitive market. For you to attract potential clients, you cannot sound like other MSPs. If there is no differentiation that will set you apart from your competitors, your marketing efforts will be the same as everyone else's. As a result, it will be next to impossible for potential clients to notice and recognize you in the crowd. If you cannot separate yourself, you will have to depend on other methods to attract clients.

You also need to make sure your MSP business stands out in the search results. If you cannot differentiate yourself in the search results, you will ultimately target the same keywords that all the other MSP businesses are targeting, and your MSP business's search listings will not look any different from the MSP's around you. As an MSP,  you work with people who could have a variety of problems that you could solve, including the following:

  • Firewall security
  • Core infrastructure support
  • Backups and Disaster Recovery
  • Network configuration
  • Cloud storage implementation

However, here is where a problem could arise with differentiation. If you are targeting everybody you can think of or any common IT issue, you will be seen as just another MSP in the market. If this is not how you want to be viewed, you have to specialize. Find what you want to set your sights on, and become known as the MSP who is the expert in the area - it does not matter if it's healthcare, manufacturing, construction, education, legal, nonprofit, etc.

Specializing in particular areas combined with your experience will make it easier for you to market your MSP business. These factors will also play a part in reducing the competition you face in the industry. Differentiation will help you become known as an MSP leader in a highly competitive industry, providing services to those who are looking for a specialist to cover their particular needs. You will become the go-to MSP choice for anyone in that area who is looking for the IT services you are providing.

Publish MSP Content Your Audience Hasn't Read Yet

Publishing helpful content is one way to boost your status and develop a solid network in the industry. However, this will often only lead to you reaching those who are currently looking for your services. However, becoming a leader in the MSP community will put your MSP business in the thoughts of a wider audience. While not everyone you attract will need your services right away, you can still place yourself in a position to be the top contender when they are in need of your services.

Once you start generating keywords for your niche, you should not stop there. Not only do you need to know what keywords to use, but you must also know which of the keywords you need to prioritize. Once you create your list of keywords, you do not have to use all the keywords on the list you have generated. My advice is to determine the keywords that are relevant to your business and have the best potential to rank. Keywords that are generated using the keyword research tool are existing key phrases that may have already been used by your biggest competitor.

Don't Follow The Wrong SEO Advice

You need to perform continuous monitoring of keywords if you want to successfully evaluate whether niche keywords integrated into your MSP SEO strategy are effective. When niche keywords are applied to your MSP SEO strategy, you need to consistently monitor the performance of those keywords. If you begin to notice that your optimized pages are not ranking, you may need to implement page optimization a little more. You cannot just put compelling niche titles and niche keywords in your MSP content - the results will depend on the search rank and the number of conversions your MSP website generates.

If you want to attract qualified leads and generate organic traffic to your MSP website, you should take some time to learn about niche keywords and find relevant niche keywords. You can increase your chances of generating a high ranking in the industry, as long as you follow the right type of SEO advice for MSPs.

Some MSPs have made several SEO mistakes because they have followed the wrong marketing and SEO advice.  Don't just pick some keywords and stick them anywhere in your content because you believe Google loves to see keywords. My problem with that is, there is no strategy. If you want to experience SEO success, you will need to have the details and the right data. You have to use data to determine what actions you should take and then pay close attention to the details when you are optimizing the MSP site.

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