Has Your MSP Become A Victim Of A Negative SEO Attack?

A negative SEO attack can undo your efforts on search engines. Do you know what this threat is? Has your business been a victim? Discover the answers you need to thwart negative SEO attacks.

Victim Of A Negative SEO Attack?

A negative SEO attack can undo your efforts on search engines. Do you know what this threat is? Has your business been a victim? Discover the answers you need to thwart negative SEO attacks.

You spend a lot of resources to attain your SEO ranking targets. Higher rankings often translate to more leads and a better reputation. These benefits can help you achieve your objectives.

What happens if your efforts' results disappear?

Negative SEO attacks can undo the work you have been doing to rank higher on Google. You can rank on the first page today and drop several pages in minutes.

Are you worried? Don't be, as Ulistic can help.

Clients often ask Ulistic if they have been victims of an SEO attack and how they can recover. Ulistic provides MSP marketing services. This article will help you discover essential details on negative SEO attacks and how to thwart them.

Watch our video to discover more about negative SEO attacks:

What Is a Negative SEO Attack?

A negative SEO attack happens when a competitor or someone with a grudge against you or your organization hires a service or someone to build low-quality spam links to your site to drive down your SEO ranking.

Sounds malicious? You may consider it absurd, but some people engage in this act.

A Case Study of Alex — a Ulistic Client

For example, a client (Alex) recently suffered a negative SEO attack. He reached out to Ulistic because he was curious to discover answers. Alex's website was performing well on Google's rankings, but moments later, he could not explain his sudden drop.

Our experts know that such drops can happen for various reasons. They include:

  1. Your competitors get active on search engines, resulting in improvements in their rankings.
  2. Google changed its search ranking algorithm, emphasizing areas that Alex had not perfected.
  3. Someone instituted a negative SEO attack against Alex, making him drop in Google's results for search queries he was performing well.

Could one of these reasons explain his sudden drop?

Our team quickly sought solutions to Alex's problem. We would be a step closer to fixing his issue if we knew what we were dealing with in his case.

Our experts checked if Alex had been a victim of a negative SEO attack. We have witnessed a surge in these attacks recently, so it was our first notion.

Was Alex a Victim of a Negative SEO Attack?

Ulistic checked if Alex was a victim of a negative SEO attack. We used two tools to examine Alex's website.

  • SEMrush
  • Ahrefs

These tools confirmed what we had been suspecting. Alex was a victim of a negative SEO attack.

The two tools' reports revealed that Alex's site had over 1000 new backlinks in a few days. We had not seen such an increase in our experience offering marketing services to MSPs for years. It was an abnormal occurrence.

We noticed Alex's worry when we notified him of this discovery.

How Ulistic Helped Alex Thwart a Negative SEO Attack

“Negative SEO attacks can’t do much harm if you act quickly.”

We decided to help Alex fast when we confirmed what we were dealing with in his case.

Google released a tool called the Disavow Tool some years ago. We uploaded the spam domains and links to the program and disavowed them. In Alex's case, we had immediate results — it can take some weeks for Google to process the information that one uploads.

Alex is happy we resolved the problem, stopped the effects of the negative SEO attack's results, and helped his website rise in Google's rankings.

“Quickly disavowing the spam links and domains makes a negative SEO attack useless.”

Your organization suffers when you are not achieving the search engine rankings you desire. Clients may not find your company, as they often settle for the alternatives, they find on the first few pages.

You can also suffer reputational damage if you do not act quickly. Your customers may wonder why you dropped in the rankings, and prospects will question why you claim to be a leading brand, but you do not appear on the first pages.

You may also have frustrations. Your SEO campaigns have taken a lot of resources to get you where you are. Wouldn't you be unhappy if you drop in the rankings for unfair reasons?

What MSPs Can Do to Prepare

Your organization can be a victim of a negative SEO attack. These scams can hurt your efforts to achieve your SEO ranking targets, make you lose leads to rivals, and harm your reputation.

Your rankings can also suffer for other reasons, such as bad digital marketing, search engine's algorithm changes, competitors' SEO strategies winning over prospects, etc.

Can you afford to allow these issues to affect your SEO rankings?

Ulistic can help you ensure you avoid these problems. Our team comprises experts that can help you avoid falling victim to negative SEO attacks or other issues that affect your performance. We will help you achieve your search engine goals.

Ready to Defend Your MSP Against a Negative SEO Attack and Achieve Your Goals?

Ulistic provides top MSP marketing services. We offer expert, customized, reliable, and affordable solutions that can help MSPs achieve their goals.

Speak with us today to discover how we are the trusted digital marketing firm to help you achieve your objectives.

Ready to get MSP marketing for your MSP? Contact us via phone on 855-964-2608, and we will help your MSP leverage our expert, reliable services to achieve your goals.


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