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As a managed service provider, you're constantly looking for ways to improve your offerings to cater to your clients' full range of needs.

Drive Lifecycle Management | MSPs Need This Included in Security Services

As a managed service provider, you're constantly looking for ways to improve your offerings to cater to your clients' full range of needs. Or, if you're not, you probably should be. The truth is that you don't specialize in everything. But your clients think you do. For the MSP, anything remotely related to technology is something that most clients believe you take care of for them. Even if drive lifecycle management is not in your core services, your clients likely believe that the security of their drives fall onto you. That's the reality.

What happens if they upgrade their computers and donate the old ones without fully eradicating the information on the drives? You guessed it. Security nightmare.

If it's not a service they pay for, it's outside your contracted obligations. It doesn't technically fall under the category of your legal responsibility. But, what does it mean for your relationship with the client? Will they blame you for their error?

A better question might be, how valuable will they find a service that takes care of their drive lifecycle management?

What Is Drive Lifecycle Management and Why Do You Need It?

Data breaches are, by far, one of the biggest concerns for your clients. Any service that helps them mitigate the risk of landing their information in the wrong hands is of value. If a device or drive isn't erased properly, that data still exists. It doesn't even take very much expertise to retrieve the old files that you thought were gone. That horrible, worst-case scenario has happened.

So how do companies deal with devices once they've outlived their use? A lot of companies were destroying them. Taking a hammer to a hard drive will end the risk. It also means throwing away money. This may save you from ever having that data compromised, but there are certainly better options for the environment and your pocketbook.

Offering a certified, verified process to erase all data gives your customers peace of mind. It also allows them to resell those devices, use old drives for new data, or donate. It's no longer a waste financially once the computer or device has completed its work-life usage.

Regulatory and Environmental Benefits

For your clients, data breaches can be a major regulatory concern. This service helps them maintain compliance and avoids costly errors. While they may not be legally liable for data breaches (and they may be legally liable if they store HIPAA-protected information), the cost to a company's reputation after a data breach can be difficult to overcome.

There are also environmental concerns with any electronic device. Offering a service that gives them an environmentally friendly way to recycle their devices is a core benefit. Many companies and clients appreciate this aspect of drive lifecycle management. Even if your MSP is only offering the removal of data from the devices, the company can then donate or recycle in a conscientious manner without concern over what was previously on the drive.

While we don't have a crystal ball, the current administration has been discussing the need for new laws and regulations as they relate to security. This is something for all MSPs to keep an eye on and device management is one of the ways that data is breached. It benefits you to offer this service proactively.

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