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Important Warning: Vulnerabilities Put Your SERP Rankings at Risk – Unless You Download the Latest Version of the All in One SEO Pack WordPress Plugin!

If you’re running the “All in One SEO Pack” on your WordPress website, please take a moment to read through this important warning! According to researchers from Sucuri, Inc., two vulnerabilities have been discovered in the “All in One SEO Pack” plugin, which is running on approximately 15 out of 73 million WordPress websites.

Urgent: You Must Take Action Immediately – Download the Latest Version to Patch the Vulnerabilities & Prevent Cross-Site Scripting/Privilege Escalation Attacks!

While the two vulnerabilities enable attackers to perform cross-site scripting and privilege escalation attacks, a new version of the “All in One SEO Pack” has been released to patch the vulnerabilities and keep your WordPress website secure.

If you neglect to download the latest version, you’re leaving your website vulnerable to cross-site scripting and privilege escalation attacks, which allow attackers to:

  • Add or modify parameters in the plugin to change posts’ SEO titles, descriptions, and keyword meta tags
  • Trigger malicious JavaScript code on the admin panel and change/alter important information, such as the admin’s account password.

As a result of an attack:

  • Your search engine results page (SERP) rankings may decrease.
  • You may be removed from Google’s search index for spamming.

Keep in mind; if you’re not taking advantage of automatic updates, it’s absolutely fundamental for you to download the latest version of the plugin.

Clients of Ulistic you have nothing to fear.  Ulistic does not use this particular plugin for our SEO work and all of our MSP websites are secured using multi-level security solutions and replication across many servers.

To learn more about the vulnerabilities and to find out if your MSP website is exposed to security risk, give us a call at 716.799.1999 or send us an email at info@ulistic.com. Ulistic can help you stay up to date on the latest security threats.

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