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MSP Website ConnectWiseDoes my MSP website really need to integrate with ConnectWise? Short answer: No, not right now. Many MSPs get hung up on the idea that their MSP website absolutely needs to integrate with ConnectWise or any other PSA service. But allow me to explain why it’s not necessary.

Although it’s a great idea in theory, many MSPs who choose this path don’t fully understand the big picture of their marketing efforts. Here’s the problem: Most MSPs don’t have a challenge with a lack of ConnectWise integration, but with a lack of lead generation.

Many MSPs Net Approximately 1-2 Leads Per Month From Their Online Marketing Efforts – But the Average MSP with a Great Lead Generation Nets Approximately 10 Leads Per Month!

Over the years, research has demonstrated that 90% of new leads come through the telephone! Why? That’s simple, because your prospect wants to talk to someone live on the phone. But this is where the integration starts to fall apart. If a lead comes in over the phone, you’re going to need to put their contact details manually into your PSA.

Now, let’s assume they fill out your form. We know the average MSP gets 1-2 leads per month, so wouldn’t your efforts be better focused on lead generation marketing activities that will boost your inbound leads, instead of worrying about your website integrating with ConnectWise or any other PSA.

Keep In Mind; Most MSPs Have a Lead Generation Challenge – NOT a Website Integration Challenge!

Many MSPs jump at the chance to integrate their website with their PSA. But the problem is simple: They love the technology and it’s the technology behind the integration that fuels their passion – instead of integrating as a sound business decision. Don’t make this mistake. Wait until it’s time.

Our team of marketing experts have determined that with a great sales professional acting on leads generated by your MSP marketing website, it’ll take 10-15 leads per day to make the integration worth it. Remember, the average MSP nets 1-2 per month, if they’re lucky.

Do you think you’re unable to enter a prospect in manually at this rate? Is it difficult to apply a track or some sort of workflow at an average of 1-2 leads per month generated through your website?

Before rushing out and integrating with ConnectWise, do yourself a favor and review your lead generation strategies across all of your MSP marketing. This is a much wiser investment compared to focusing on the technology behind your website. We guarantee, you’re going to be happy if you wait.

At the end of the day, I’d rather have $10,000 in new business coming through our web marketing efforts and entering my prospect details manually, instead of worrying about the 1-2 that may get entered manually.

If you have any questions or concerns about your MSP marketing efforts, give us a call at 716.799.1999 or send us an email at info@ulistic.com. Our team of MSP marketing professionals will help you make sense of your MSP marketing efforts and focus on what matters most!

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