MSP SEO Strategy (2019 Guidelines)

What is your 2019 MSP SEO strategy? Stuart Crawford from Ulistic outlines what your managed IT services businesses must focus on for success with SEO.

The Only MSP SEO Strategy You Need To Focus On In 2019

It's no secret that marketing techniques have changed over the last 50 years, and especially so over the 20-30 years as more people have their computers for personal use outside of work. People spend time on social media, if they have a question they can look up the answer on their phone, or if they're interested in a product or service they have immediate access to the companies who provide it. A managed services provider (MSP) is a little different than a clothing manufacturer or local restaurant, but it's still essential to market your company and let the community know what it is you do and how you can provide for the needs of potential clients.

Branding and Networking Your MSP SEO Strategy

Branding and networking is the single most crucial MSP SEO strategy for 2019. It is essential that your company's name be out there for people to hear and recognize. Advertising on the internet through the skilled use of keywords and search engine optimization makes your name come up when people search for the services you provide. This is especially important when you consider someone might do several searches for the same result but using different wordings. When they keep seeing your name at the top of the list of potential service providers they begin to recognize the name and become comfortable with it.

It's the same concept as once applied to (and still does, to an extent) television and radio commercials, billboards, or even a company name on the sides of their vehicles. People who may not need the service immediately subconsciously remember that name. When it comes up that need the service you provide, they feel comfortable hiring you because they are used to seeing and hearing about you.

Why You Can't Stop with One Advertisement Method

The fact is, you do have to work through several media outlets to raise your brand awareness. It is not a “one and done” situation, but your marketing campaign has to be an ever-evolving means of generating new customers and clients. Insurance companies are a great example of what it means to manage an ongoing campaign. Everybody sees their commercials which are just odd enough to attract attention while getting people's interest by promoting the service they offer. Then the commercials are backed up by social media posts and more in-depth information at their website.

Most people aren't going to drop their current service provider to switch over immediately, but at the end of the year during negotiations, they might take a look at another company. Alternatively, if someone has a problem with their current provider, they may begin looking for alternatives. As a managed services provider, you have to be ready when someone needs your services. You need your company name to appear at the top of search pages; you need people to recognize your brand and feel they can trust you to serve their needs.

Using Keywords Explorer

Essentially, even if you use an outside source to help your marketing campaign, you have to be a media company yourself in addition to the services you provide for potential clients. Your advertising has to prepare potential clients with why they should hire you, and you do that by anticipating their questions and already having provided the answers. One way to check on that is to use a keywords explorer program to see how your company ranks against your competitors when searching for industry related keywords. You might realize you need to add a blog post, or a quick statement on social media, which combines search engine keywords to drive up the number of hits your name gets.


Ultimately, nobody can hire you if they don't know who you are. You have to get your name out there regardless of what field you work in, but the concept of MSP SEO strategy becomes especially important simply because the nature and importance of your services aren't always immediately apparent to potential clients. Make them aware of who you are and why your services are valuable and you will see an uptick of new incoming business connections and clients as your company's success continues to soar.


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