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We all know about SEO, but few understand how to use it successfully in a website.

Here’s a very simple drawing that summarizes the concept I’m about to explain.

You start with your Primary website page (Otherwise known as your landing page).  This is the main landing page and root of your site (such as: www.ulistic.com.

From this page, you highlight what will appear on your Secondary-Level webpages (like a button to your managed services or your disaster and recovery solutions).

From the Secondary-Level pages, you link to your Third-Level pages, such as you VoIP or PEN Testing services.  (Of course, this is all done behind the scenes.)

However, what most people do is post their entire menu of services on the Primary page.  This isn’t smart.  Why?

Because Google wants to see a hierarchy of pages (your Primary page, Secondary pages, and so on).

If you design your website properly Google will pick up on your keywords, and your SEO rankings will improve.

Plus, if you list everything on your Primary page, it will be difficult for people to navigate your site and find the services they need.  If you don’t want to take my word for it, check out a few webpages to see what I mean.

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