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The recipe of success that worked for me as an MSP at IT Matters is an interesting one.  I wasn’t a trained sales person—Never took a sales-training course in my life.

But, this is what I did do that worked:

  • I hustled. I got out there and knocked on doors. Met people and developed relationships.
  • I got to prospects before my competitors did.
  • No matter how many times I failed, I never gave up.

This is the trick. It works. Just give it a try.

However, keep in mind that you’re going to make mistakes.


  • “Fumble the ball.” But when you do, pick it up and run with it again.
  • Feel like a fool at times. Not to worry, no one else will notice.
  • Say things you wish you hadn’t, and wish for a re-do.

This is how we learn.  By making mistakes, “falling” and picking ourselves up again.  (If you ski, skateboard or participate in any other sport, you should be used to this scenario.)

The key is to keep trying, and not to give up.  Before long, you’ll be an expert at sales with lots of leads.

So, how do you start?

  • Get out of your chair, put on your jacket and go knock on your prospects’ doors.
  • Meet them face to face.
  • Watch the Canvassing video that I made with Tim Richter of RCOR.
  • Go to networking events, such as Chamber of Commerce meet-and-greets.
  • Just get out there and meet people.

There are all kinds of great sales-training books.  The information is helpful.  But there’s nothing like just getting out and introducing yourself to people.

Stuck and not moving anywhere?  This is because you’re sitting back.  No one will come to you.  Those who sit back always lose. Just get up, get out there, and out-hustle your competitors!

Stuart Crawford


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