Stop Sending MSP Newsletters Starting Now!

Why should you stop sending MSP newsletters? In this article, we'll cover why and what you can do to replace newsletters with something that actually works.

Technology changes things so fast. IT Services Marketing is an entirely different landscape every few years.

You see things go in and out of style and back again, but sometimes, the classics fall away for a reason. One of those classics is MSP newsletters.

While they were once a reliable resource for generating business, they now tend to be more of a drain.

Today, you’re going to learn the limits of these emails and how to revamp them to improve your marketing efficiency.

What MSPs Are Killing It With Email Marketing?

Here are just a few companies that are producing awesome content via email marketing and then turning into material for social media and their websites:

If you're serious about getting leads...stop complaining that your marketing isn't working and do what the guys above are doing.  It works for them, why wouldn't it work for you.

What Content Goes Into Your Weekly Email Marketing?

Here is the kicker!  Don't be like 99% of the MSP population and waste time sharing stuff that no one cares about.  You know what I am talking about.  Y'all want to send out junk on backup and recovery, cybersecurity and other techy topics...yes, they're important but everyone else is saying the same thing.  Keith Marchiano often talks about business ideas.  Curtis focuses more on simple tech tips.  The point I am trying to make is it.  Be different.

Pro tip: Ask your clients and follow the Marcus Sheridan strategy of THEY ASK, YOU ANSWER! Poll your clients and prospects on what they want to learn more and deliver.

What Does a Good MSP Newsletter Look Like?

The general purpose of a newsletter is to generate web traffic and also to help educate the subscribers. Many professionals have put countless hours into perfecting the craft. The monthly topics could include vital news and information on trends, an update on your company or whatever you think will generate interest. What matters is that it has valuable links.

Your email to your prospects and every time they click a link, you get that precious traffic. In the past, newsletters have been a great source of conversions, and some of the biggest companies in the world still use them. Despite that long history of success, they seem to be a dwindling trend.

What Is Wrong With Newsletters?

Here’s the thing. People just don’t read monthly newsletters anymore. Use yourself as an example.

When was the last time you read such an email?

Even if you scan one, how often do you click the links?

There was a time when email accounts were less cluttered, and people were more interested in the traffic and information, but these days a single tweet can carry the pertinent information, and it’s much easier to consume than going through a whole email.

It’s why newsletter traffic generation is down, and even big companies are still sinking a lot of time and resources into something that doesn’t return value.

What Should Replace the Newsletters?

Instead of a newsletter stuffed with links, you want your interactions with clients and prospects to generate conversations. As you just read, a simple tweet can often replace an entire newsletter.

When the more information-dense format is merited (such as informing people of a brand new security threat), try sending the email with no links at all. Instead of allowing people to browse past your information and then forget it, give them just enough that they’ll want more. The trick is this: if you don’t provide the link, they’ll have to contact you for more information.

You are replacing a low-value website visit with genuine, personal interaction. That is much more likely to turn a prospect into conversion, and it creates a stronger relationship from the start. If you have any doubts, experiment with linkless newsletters and count the number of contacts you get.

Replacing your newsletters with more efficient interactions is only one piece of the total puzzle.

You want to take a similar mentality to every aspect of your managed services marketing.

When you do, remember the key. Conversations are at the heart of today's MSP business.

It can be through a number of formats, but your goal should always be clear, effective communication directly with your clients. That yields the best returns and the most satisfied customers, and it can be the philosophy that fuels your rise to better things and greater heights.


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