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MSP NewsletterYour Online MSP Newsletter Is Dying.

Lets face it— Electronic newsletters are fading into the distant sunset.  Especially in Canada, where the CRTC and the federal government, with their new Anti-Spam Laws are making it nearly impossible for a business to communicate with prospects electronically.

Email newsletters are rapidly disappearing.  Open rates are dropping faster than the Dow Jones did in 2008, and click-throughs are hitting an all-time low. 

In light of this, how do you reach all your prospects?

One strategy we teach our clients at Ulistic is the importance of selecting a specific list of key prospects.  We call this “Top Prospect Marketing.”   We learned this strategy from Chet Holmes, a visionary marketing and sales leader who, sadly, passed away two years ago. His marketing and sales process centered around selecting a Dream List of Prospects to market to.

With Top Prospect Marketing you can effectively target those you qualify to do business with now, and those you want to include in your list at some point in the future.

Learn how your business can benefit from Top Prospect Marketing.  Tune into our live Webinar on July 10th, 2014, at 11am EST / 8am PST at: https://www.ulistic.com/double

So, what can your MSP do to get your message across to your list of prospects?

Simple—Go back to paper.

Here is what we did at IT Matters many years ago to ensure our prospects and clients knew about the services we offered.  Warning:  You will have to work at this.  For those who are not willing to do the work, stop reading now.

  • Go back to print:  Print newsletters appear to be a new fad, when actually they aren’t.  Ulistic has been advising our clients to do this for a long time. Print newsletters are more effective than email newsletters.  MSPs use email newsletters because they’re easy.  Print takes more work, but it works.
  • Mail your printed newsletter to your top prospect list, and influencers in your community:  For those who are not familiar with the term influencer, they are your network connections—Those who have significant influence over your prospects in their particular market.
  • Personally deliver your newsletter to your clients: Yes, print off your newsletter and personally hand-deliver it to every one of your clients.  This means you need to get out of your chair and visit them.  You never know what can happen if you do.

These strategies will get more eyeballs reading your newsletter, and potentially get you qualified referrals and new business.

Have questions?  Ulistic is here to help.  Call us at 716.799.1999 or email us at info@ulistic.com to learn more about our MSP Coaching, Sales Mentorship and Outsourced Marketing Services.

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