MSP Marketing Trends For 2020

2020 is here, and MSPs want to know how to better market their businesses. Head here to take a look at the biggest MSP marketing trends and tips for 2020.

MSP Marketing Trends: What to Look for in 2020

2020 is here, and MSPs want to know how to better market their businesses. Head here to take a look at the biggest MSP marketing trends and tips for 2020.  

Let’s talk about marketing trends and tips for 2020.

With a brand-new year upon us, it’s wise to go over the marketing trends to watch out for and the marketing goals you should have for your managed services company.

Here’s what you should be doing in terms of marketing for 2020.

1. Don’t forego marketing expenses to save money.

As a business owner, you may recall that going into 2019, many people thought the economy was going to crash and the situation would be dire for businesses like managed service providers. In the end, things, fortunately, didn’t turn out that way.

If they had, however, one thing that we like to point out in the marketing world, is that many businesses — IT companies included — tend to drop their marketing strategies first in order to save money.

This is absolutely not what you should do.

Your marketing strategy is essential to the success of your business. In a sense, it’s the engine that drives your business. Instead of foregoing marketing, look for other ways you can save money if times get tough this year. Your marketing budget should remain the same.

2. Be a marketing and sales company first.

We like to say that all MSPs should be marketing and sales companies first and specialize in IT second.

A lot of IT companies raise their eyebrows at this, but we mean what we say. The reason is that you can’t be a great IT company, doing great work in the IT world, if you don’t have clients. And you won’t get clients if your marketing strategy is lacking.

Certainly, when it comes to where you put your efforts, you’ll need to put a ton of emphasis on the services you provide. But especially as you continue to grow and improve your revenue stream, you need to start funneling an increasing amount of money into marketing.

By the way, we’re not just saying this because we want you to work with us. We’re actually pretty choosy when it comes to who we work with, and we only do business with companies who are serious about their marketing. This is standard advice. When you do better at marketing, you get better clients, and your business grows.

3. Let content drive your marketing strategy.

Content should drive everything you do in terms of marketing. But remember that it has to be targeted. You should have content on your website (an IT blog, for example) that focuses on the needs and interests of your clients, potential clients, and others who will be visiting your site.

For example, you don’t want content about cooking or traveling on your IT blog. But you do want tips for your clients on how to improve their security or migrate to the cloud.

4. Have a constant marketing strategy (and don’t let up).

There’s something called a “boom and bust” cycle that some MSPs can fall into. This occurs when you focus on marketing intensely, gain a lot of great clients, busy yourself providing services, get paid, then look up and see that you have no new clients.

To avoid this cycle, you’ve got to constantly have a marketing strategy working for you. Don’t let up. Focusing on your services is good and necessary, but keep one eye on your marketing at all times as well.

5. Invest in video marketing strategies.

When it comes to your content, a blog is important, but you can also invest in video. An increasing number of people are watching video every day, often leaving videos on YouTube on in the background of their work.

As an MSP, you have numerous offerings you can provide in terms of quality video content. You can offer computer tips that fit the industry you work for, the latest news on cyber security, advice for new clients, and much more. All of this content helps market your business.

What’s Your 2020 Marketing Strategy?

Ulistic can help your managed services company create a winning marketing strategy for 2020. If your current marketing efforts aren’t driving in the business you’d hoped they would, allow us to take a look at where you can make improvements.

Our marketing team is pleased to offer a complimentary, 60-minute, no-obligation MSP website review. Learn how to attract the best prospects, develop your business services, create automated marketing solutions, and develop your business with our proven strategies for success.

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