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New Jersey IT SupportWhen Richard Race, founder of IT Services NJ company, wanted to grow his business, he turned to Ulistic. Ulistic specializes in working with managed IT services organizations by providing an impactful web marketing strategy that simply “blows away” all our competitors. Race demanded tangible results, and Ulistic delivered. Race now has a steady stream of MSP business from Ulistic’s efforts, including a new project for $24,000 in monthly recurring revenue (MRR).

Race Computer Services LLC, founded in 2009 by Richard Race and co-founder Sean Wahl, provides the full spectrum of onsite and remote computer and technical support services for businesses in Northern New Jersey and New York City.

The Situation: A Need for Specialized Knowledge and Expertise to Take Race Computer Services LLC to the Next Level.

When Richard was searching online for ideas, he came across an interesting LinkedIn post. He explained:

“Stuart Crawford, MSP Marketing Consultant at Ulistic invited Race Computers to a free MSP workshop in Newark, NJ. Members of the Race Computers’ team attended, and walked away with pages of notes to help propel our managed IT services business to the next level.”

Richard, like many managed services business owners, wants to get a huge return from his marketing efforts:

“Prior to the workshop, I did a lot of research and started working on my own website. I considered another SEO specialist, but then I talked with Stuart about what Ulistic provided. The pricing he offered was affordable and jammed-packed with value. Other MSP marketing companies can’t come close to the value Ulistic offers. But that wasn’t the deciding factor, Stuart had the industry-specific knowledge and expertise that aligned with my needs.”

The Resolution: The Highest Return For Any MSP Marketing Investment!

Ulistic provides Race Computers with the following services:

  • A search-optimized MSP Marketing Website that attracts new business opportunities.
  • Case Studies and other industry-leadership documents to share with clients.
  • Monthly email marketing campaigns targeted at their client base.
  • Social Media customization and setup for company and personal LinkedIn profiles.
  • Consulting and help with sales and marketing processes.

“We get all of this for $297.00 each month. No other MSP marketing company has created such a bang for our buck as Ulistic has!”— Richard Race

The Ultimate MSP Marketing Result: New Business For Race Computers

Ulistic’s MSP Web Marketing Service enabled Race Computer Services LLC to increase website traffic and “open doors” to larger opportunities. In fact, Race Computer Services LLC has been particularly successful in working with a company that discovered them through their Ulistic-created LinkedIn business profile.

Richard provided some insight into the benefits of working with Ulistic:

“Stuart went on LinkedIn and created a business profile for us, then a company called us. So far they’ve given us $30,000 worth of projects this year! Plus another large project to complete on a yearly basis!”

He also explained how valuable the investment in Ulistic’s MSP Marketing Services have been:

“In all reality, it’s been the most worthwhile marketing expense, and it’s given me the most return on investment for any marketing idea that I’ve tried.”

To learn more about Ulistic’s MSP Marketing Services, give us a call at (716) 263-6961, or send us an email at info@ulistic. Com. Ulistic can help you “open doors” to new opportunities that will grow your business!

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