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MSP Success 2014Soon we will say goodbye to your technical “know-how” being your competitive advantage as IT simplifies.  Right?

IT is getting easy and it is also getting complex.  But not technically.  Business IT is become complex and blending your technical skills with business acumen is the perfect recipe for success in 2014.

There are many key aspects of your MSP business that can be tweaked to increase profitability, visibility, and client satisfaction. In particular, there are 5 areas that every managed service provider should focus on improving:

Refresh Your Website

Today, prospects typically do a large amount of research online prior to making any purchases or investments. Your website is their first impression, and it should always be updated with new business-related content (not technical), as well as highlighting your latest client success stories. Consider your prospects. What type of questions and concerns do they have? Are their questions and concerns being addressed in your current website? If not, refine your message to fit your audience.  Another important key part of your website is client success stories, how many do you have?  Are you putting a new one on your site every week?  If not, you should be.

Become a Trusted Advisor

Position yourself as a trusted advisor by refining your expertise. Many prospects and clients alike need help understanding all the regulations, such as HIPAA, SOX, and PCI. Don’t be afraid to show your expertise in these fields! Build stronger relationships by becoming an advisor. The opportunity to differentiate yourself and your business from the competition is there, you simply must take advantage of that opportunity.

Harness the Power of Client Success Stories & Testimonials

Worth mentioning again.  It is just that important!

One of the best promotion tactics is client testimonials, these success stories are a powerful way to promote your products and services, as well as the overall client experience for working with your business. Not only do client testimonials or success stories enhance business visibility, they’re very inexpensive with a high return on your initial time investment. In addition, client testimonials tend to “humanize” your company by using a more personal approach.

Utilize Social Media to Generate Leads

Social media isn’t expensive and doesn’t need to be extensive. Utilize the wide range of social media outlets available today, and you’ll maintain an active presence while collecting leads on a regular basis. Consider platforms like Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn to share your business’ content.

Improve Your Follow Up Process

Don’t let prospects slip through your fingers! Follow up, and make sure you have a reason for your call (new product features, promotions, or free add-ons). Build relationships and ask prospects, “what is the next step in your decision-making process?” The goal is to obtain more information and position yourself as their on-call expert, not another salesman.

Do you notice the areas of improvement are focused on client relationships and the value of your products and services, instead of the technology aspect of managed services? In order to provide the optimal solution for both clients and prospects, the MSP needs to take the time and fully understand the client or prospects individual needs.

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