Rid Your MSP Content Marketing of Crapware

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Rid Your MSP Content Marketing of Crapware

I am almost certain you have heard and understand the meaning of the phrase "You're only as strong as your weakest link." When I hear this phrase, I just imagine pulling a heavy chain from each end. Depending on how strong the links are, the force you would need to exert to break the chain could be small or large. If you exert a strong force and the chain does not break, you have a strong chain. If you exert a small force on the chain and it breaks, the entire chain is weak. The saying speaks to locating any weak links that exist, understanding that unless those weak links are strengthened, you will not be able to enhance the specific structure.

What if your content marketing strategy is discovered to be your weakest link? As a managed service provider(MSP), you spend your time addressing challenges your clients are having by using your technical and business backgrounds. If there is no marketing background, you can quickly find yourself in a difficult position - you understand how important unique content marketing is, but you may not have the time or resources to produce the type of content you need to position yourself above your competitors.

If content marketing has become one of your weak lines because it is an area that makes you a little uncomfortable, it does not mean you should place it at the bottom of the list of your priorities. Imagine if your content marketing strategy prevents a potential client from seeing your business for what it really is. The potential client sees you as just another managed service provider (MSP) because you have been stripped of your individuality. You are just another managed service provider (MSP) from a long list of service providers, there to serve the same purposes as the other MSPs.

This does not sound good, does it? This seems to be something that is affecting many managed service providers. When you produce the same content as other MSPs, potential clients and leads will not be able to view you in a different light. It can certainly create more challenges when trying to attract clients. That is why you need to produce high-quality content that will change the way you are viewed by prospects.

Content Marketing for MSPs

It can be hard to expect a content marketing strategy to work if you are unable to attract the right audience to begin with. It is important to do your research to get a true understanding of the type of content your audience needs. Your target audience consists of the businesses and organizations who are most likely to need your services and solutions. Determine the values, goals, objectives, and attitudes of your target audience so you will know what type of content they are looking for.

It can also be difficult for MSPs to stand out when your content marketing strategy is identical to other MSPs. If you already know what your competitors are producing, you can go in a different direction and produce content that will set your organization apart from them. Your target audience should not see the same thing in your business. Determine what direction you want to go and make sure it is included in your content marketing strategy. You can produce content that includes a backstory that your competitors cannot share or it can be your unmatched services and solutions. The cornerstone of your marketing strategy will consist of the factors of your services and solutions that establish differentiation.

Create Marketing Content that Google Wants

Do you remember the days when you could land on Google overnight? Today, things have changed. If you want to land a high ranking on Google, you will need to enhance your MSP brand by building its Expertise, Authority, and Trustworthiness — or E-A-T.  E-A-T sets the foundation by which websites are ranked by Google. Better content leads to higher rankings. Google wants to recommend sites that display Expertise, Authority, and Trustworthiness. When producing content with E-A-T as the foundation, you should always think about user intent, rather than trying to place as many backlinks or keywords as you can on your site. Adding countless backlinks and keywords will not help increase your SEO positioning; it can have the opposite effect by leading to your site being penalized. Think about the questions and concerns your clients usually have, and produce content that will address those questions and concerns.

Great content that is also relevant is vital to the SEO process, but the content you produce should be updated regularly. When you are able to update your content regularly, you will find that your site will be in a better position to gain a higher ranking on search engines. Regular updates to your content will keep your MSP site relevant, and your site will be prioritized amongst your competition. Google and other search engines do not prioritize sites that lack fresh content and consistent updates. Your MSP content needs to appeal to the clients of your industry, and you can appeal to them by staying up to date with what is going on in the industry so you can produce relevant content.

This combination of fresh, relevant, and high-quality content is how you set your MSP apart in a packed managed service provider (MSP) industry. You have to make a commitment to your content marketing. Do not sit around and do nothing. Do not become a copycat. Whatever it is—do something different and impactful. Do something that will set yourself apart from your competitors. As changes continue to be made in the MSP industry and as technology continues to advance, more MSPs will begin to find ways to set themselves apart by implementing new strategies and tactics. What are you going to do to ensure you will always have a place in the industry? One of the best things you can do is create content marketing that will appeal to your target audience.

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