99.9% of MSPs Lack This Important Marketing Strategy

Don't be like 99.9% of the MSPs out there.  Do you know what they lack?   Look around, how many of you have an aggressive media and PR strategy.  I bet many of you reading this blog post today will score yourself a big fat NOTHING BURGER when it comes to a PR and media strategy.

Media and PR Strategies For Managed IT Service Providers

Don't be like 99.9% of the MSPs out there.  Do you what know they lack?   Look around, how many of you have an aggressive media and PR strategy.  I bet many of you reading this blog post today will score yourself a big fat NOTHING BURGER when it comes to a PR and media strategy. A small percentage of MSPs out there have some sort of media and PR strategy, most of the time it is purely accidental and .1% of you are like Don Baham from Kraft Technology Group, Earl Foote from Nexus IT and a handful of other MSPs that understand and have a strategy for leveraging media and PR.

What Matters In 2020 & Beyond

Your Brand will be a major marketing influencer going into 2020.  How is your brand doing in your marketplace?

Are you well known?  Are you one of the best-kept secrets in your chosen vertical?

How do you build your brand while continuing to build your MSP practice?

Well, we have an idea.  Media and PR.  Yes!  Are you well known with the local press?  Don Baham from Nashville IT company, Kraft Technology Group understands the importance of leveraging the local and industry media.  Just check out his media and PR page.

Yes! Don understands the importance of media and PR to grow his managed services business.

Ulistic and Media and PR

Over the 10+ years that Ulistic has been helping managed IT service companies build their business, media and public relations have become an essential component to the success of many organizations.  And as we turn the corner into the '20s, managed IT service companies, at least the successful ones will become media companies first, marketing and sales organizations second and then finally a tech company.  Those who chose to be a tech company will end up on the short end of the stick.

Local Media Opportunities

There are many local media opportunities for a managed IT services company.  Shane Kimbrel, with Data Magic Computer Services, a Dallas IT consulting company works with Bryan Weatherford, a local business Internet TV host to promote and share news about technology in the Dallas/Fort Worth metro.

Earl Foote, in Park City, Utah does the same type of show with a local YouTube business show called Mountain Connections in Northern Utah.  Check it out.

Make your media efforts hit the right audiences.  Below is an example of a coverage map from a recent Ulistic PR campaign.

PR coverage

Stuart, I'm Not Comfortable On Camera

If you're not comfortable getting on camera, well....suck it up and put that fear on the back burner.  Video marketing is the next major frontier for MSPs.

But, there are more opportunities other than video.

We have traditional media.  We already touched on what Don Baham with Kraft Technology Group is doing with the local Nashville media. Make sure you have a regular distribution list of media professionals at the ready and make sure you pitch, well, almost every single day.  Yes!  Every single day.  Tony Tighe and I covered this in a recent webinar on media and managed IT service companies.  Listen to the recording here.

Get Started

If you don't know where to turn, well, Ulistic is here to help.  We have an extensive media network that managed IT service companies can leverage to get their name out there.

And guess what!  The media doesn't care about your office move or Johnny getting his Microsoft certification. Stop sending out this crap and focus on what businesses care about.

Here are some examples:

The image below is a small sample of just some of the new outlets Ulistic has developed relationships with.  We have over 100.

Media Coverage For MSPs

In addition to publishing your media releases, we also have a network of over 33,000 journalists on email that we can tap into.  Check out a sample of our list.

I can go on...and maybe I will.

So we covered PR distribution and email.  Getting your news out on social media, digital assistants and other networks are critical as well.  This is something that you need to make sure is part of your ongoing media and PR strategy.

Important Media and PR Pro Tip

When the media calls...drop everything and take care of them.  If you don't, they will find another source and you may never get a call again.  The media always takes the path of least resistance.  If another managed services company is easier to work with and is available, they will become the trusted source and the media will always go to them.

Don't be like 99.9% of the MSP community.  Stand out from the crowd and make a name for yourself in the marketplace.

Need help with your media and PR? Give me a call at {phone}.



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