How Can You Get Your Marketing Emails Opened?

Are you sharing compelling content with your audience only to find that your emails are rarely opened or read? These tips will help you engage your prospects and grow your business.  

Guaranteed Tips to Get Your Email Opened and Read

Are you sharing compelling content with your audience only to find that your emails are rarely opened or read? These tips will help you engage your prospects and grow your business.  

Tips To Getting Email Read

How To Get Your Marketing Emails Opened, Read....and Actioned

There's no question that you love your business. You could probably talk about it all day long to anyone who would listen. You know there's an audience out there of people who are probably hungry for the knowledge that you can share -- and you're willing to be generous with your prospects by giving them valuable insight into their business operations. Why are you still having trouble getting people to open -- and read -- your emails? Perhaps the problem isn't the information that you are sending out to prospects and customers, but rather in the way that the information is being shared. These quick tips will help ensure that your emails are actionable, engaging and helping prospects move along their buying journey towards becoming customers for your business.

Correctly Format Your Messages

Everyone has received a run-on email that seems to keep going . . . and going . . . and going . . . without ever getting to the point. Who has the time?!? Certainly not your prospects. Let them know upfront what you are offering in terms of value that will help boost their operations or otherwise increase revenue for their business. Your job is to capture their attention and whet their interest -- and then point them towards your talented sales team to close the deal. Short, snappy emails with clear and consistent messages are the most likely to capture reader interest and make them hungry to learn more.

Use Language That Speaks to Your Reader

The way a healthcare provider, financial services professional and a plumber refer to the audiences that they serve is completely different -- yet each of these industries desperately needs support from a team of IT services professionals. Carefully segmenting your audience to ensure that you are using industry-specific language will help build trust and credibility with your reader, encouraging them to read more of your notes and even respond to learn more about your business. Case studies and customer stories can dramatically boost your audience's engagement, especially if they are able to see their own business in the story that you share.

Create a Clear Call to Action

Do you want your prospects to respond to your email directly or schedule a call with your sales team? Perhaps the next-best-action for them to take would be downloading a whitepaper to truly understand how your solution would add value to their business. Don't be afraid to ask for whatever action you want people to take, but you also don't want to muddy the water with too many requests. For each email, consider carefully what will help the reader move along their buying journey and use only that single call to action. That doesn't mean you can't repeat the messaging in different ways, such as starting your email with a link to your sales team to schedule a meeting and ending the email with a call to action phone number. These are still the same message: reach out to our staff! A recent study showed that emails with a single CTA increased clicks by 371% and sales by 1617% -- a staggering number for most businesses.

Getting your email strategy in order is a fantastic first step towards growing your business. Now that you are bringing prospects to your website, are they able to find everything that they need to make the transition to being your best customer? If not, you may need to dig deeper into your website and content strategy to get the results that you need to grow your business. Reach out to the MSP marketing professionals at Ulistic to create a comprehensive marketing strategy that will differentiate your business from your competitors and ensure stellar growth potential for the future. Schedule your free initial consultation with Ulistic online by filling out our quick form or by calling {phone}.


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