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What Are The Top 5 Questions On The Mind Of Every Business Owner Looking For Invest In Managed Services?

Your web presence should be built around educating your customers. It’s nice in that it helps you generate valuable SEO scores for your content marketing. More importantly, it helps prepare your customers to make purchases. Consider how much time you waste answering the same questions over and over again. If they were addressed better by your website, marketing and social media, you would find sales conversations to be very different. Instead of asking how much things cost, an educated customer can make buying inquiries that get down to business and have substantially better conversion rates. You can probably think of plenty of repeat questions that you need to answer, but in case you’re hitting a roadblock, every business in the world can start with these five questions. Answer them sufficiently, and you’ll dominate your sector of IT services marketing.

How Much Does it Cost?

Websites tend to take one of two philosophies when it comes to displaying pricing. One method avoids putting prices anywhere. You’ve been on these websites yourself, and you probably felt the frustration they induced firsthand. You might have even thrown random items in the cart just to finally get a price. Evading pricing hurts sales more often than not. If you are so afraid of mentioning money to your customers that you fear it will drive them away, you probably have a bad model in the first place.

The second philosophy is employed by Amazon. Prices are clear, abundant and available. Do you really need someone to explain to you which of these methods is more successful? Steal from Amazon.

How Does it Compare?

There is a good chance that you can quote the Progressive ads that revolutionized auto insurance. They offered to compare competitive policies right on their own website. Now, everyone does it. Like pricing, a lot of companies seem to think that acknowledging the competition somehow empowers it. They aren’t boogeymen. When you head off the competition from the beginning, you work from a stance of integrity. You know there are other options. Your customers know it too. Pretending otherwise is ridiculous at best, and it doesn’t breed trust. Here’s a reminder: customers who trust you won’t just spend money on you. They’ll also recommend you to everyone they know.

What Are People Saying About It?

Once again, Amazon has set a gold standard that we all need to copy. Every single item sold on their impressive directory has customer reviews on the main page. You have seen the same thing on the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store. We live in a digital age, and it’s easy to get real feedback on products and services. If your customers can’t access that feedback, their confidence will plummet and your conversion rates will suffer. When they say honesty is the best policy, they aren’t exaggerating.

If that isn’t compelling enough, remember that taking a holistic approach to transparency and honesty will impact customer perception of your business. Your reviews will improve by sheer virtue of being displayed. It’s a positive feedback loop.

What’s the Catch?

Every company in the world operates on a budget. That budget forces you to make critical decisions, and you will develop certain strengths and weaknesses as a result. It is impossible to avoid, and it plagues all of your competitors too. Be straightforward about what you had to sacrifice in order to develop the strengths you’re sure to mention.

This doesn’t just build the generic trust that comes from answering the other questions. This is your very best chance to educate your customers on what exactly drives the cost of things they purchase from you. It will help them appreciate the value they are getting from you, and it will empower them to better select the specific services or items that they will value most highly.

What Is the Objective Best?

You can probably sympathize with the countless businesses that avoid answering this question. The truth is that no one can be the very best for every niche or circumstance. It’s why we have multiple options for everything under the sun. You will be the objective best sometimes, and your competition will be at other times. Letting customers know when you are the best is extremely important, but letting them know when you aren’t is how you convince them to trust you. This will certainly help you with sales to your target demographic, but it can also generate returns in those areas where you aren’t the best. People will often choose the second best if they feel it’s more trustworthy.

So, to be perfectly clear, these five questions should be answered concisely and consistently throughout your online presence. You should write blog posts about each one in depth. You should mention them in social media updates. Most importantly, they should all be adequately explained on your primary website. When you look at the most prolific and successful websites in the world (Amazon strikes again), you’ll find that all of these questions are addressed on the landing page for every single product. It is powerful, and it generates more sales than any other business in the history of the world so far. Do not underestimate the power of transparent MSP Marketing.

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