What to Expect From a Managed IT Services Company

John Beyer from Realized Solutions in Southington CT shares his insights into starting and running a managed IT services company.

John Beyer Joins Stuart Crawford To Discuss Managed IT Services

Managed IT services companies offer help to businesses that need some support with their IT issues. Managed IT providers offer services such as network maintenance, remote maintenance and monitoring, security services, helpdesk support, and compliance expertise.

In a recent interview with John Beyer, the founder of Realized Solutions, their company has managed to stay ahead of the competition by implementing a few basic principles. John Beyer’s IT story started with his background at the airport. He started by helping businesses with their IT problems and later founded Realize Solutions along with four others. The company now has 42 IT experts. According to him, it attributes its success to the following:

1. Building Trust

Building trust with clients is critical to the success of any MSP. MSPs should go beyond the desire to make sales and fix IT issues. Their biggest goal should be to earn the trust of clients. Have a long-term vision and tailor services to ensure that clients can call you with their problems in the future. Some effective ways to build trust with clients include:

  • Invest in the Relationship: Your success as an MSP largely depends on your relationship with clients. Invest in its long-term success. As with any other relationship, you should be willing to be flexible. Go out of your way to make your client happy and give them value for their money.
  • Show Interest in Your Success: The success of an MSP depends on the success of its clients. John Beyer suggests that you put in the effort to help your achieve their goals. The relationship of MSPs with their clients should go beyond IT. It should be a business partnership. Customers are likely to keep coming back if they realize that you care about their business.
  • High-Value Service: The simplest and most effective way for MSPs to get back on track is by being great at their job. Customers trust IT providers that can grow with them and offer services that go beyond the basic requirements.

2. Diverse Service

Customers prefer internet service providers that can offer diverse services. They should provide better service than in-house teams. They should be able to help their clients improve resilience, compliance, and security. They should have updated security intelligence and proven procedures. Managed service providers that can address all important areas can push their clients to meet their objectives.

3. Reliability

One of the most important things that companies expect from their managed IT services is reliability. The best way for MSPs to promote reliability is to ensure that their clients know all they have to offer. John Beyer from Realized Solutions was shocked to find out that some of the company’s clients did not know what they had to offer. Proper marketing can help clients have a better understanding of what their internet providers have to offer. It promotes reliability and helps clients set realistic expectations.

4. Customer Service

Little gestures can go a long way in improving customer experiences. John Beyer, for example, sends birthday wishes to some of the company’s oldest clients. It is a simple way to maintain a good relationship and make them feel appreciated.

MSPs do not need to spend a lot of money to build good customer relationships. Understanding the customer journey is critical to delivering good service. It makes it possible to:

  • Identify and deal with their needs and expectations
  • Come up with ways to improve your service to meet their expectations
  • Optimize your marketing strategy to match their demands

5. Hire the Right People

John Beyer suggests that MSPs hire empathetic people who care for clients and their success. His company uses a special personality assessment process to take the doubt out of the hiring process.

The right employees for an MSP should have excellent interpersonal skills. They should realize that they are service providers first and technology experts next. The following tips may help MSPs hire the right people:

  • Role-play difficult situations and find out how potential employees would handle them. Pretend to be a customer on the phone and take note of how they help you address different problems
  • Invite them to social events and find out how they interact with people outside the pressures of a formal setup
  • Ask them to handle a real-life work situation or have them take your position for a few hours. Being in the office environment and interacting with potential future colleagues may bring out their true personalities

Before starting the hiring process, you must know what you want. Your interview process should continue changing to emerging needs.

John Beyer feels that the coronavirus crisis has presented lots of opportunities for the IT industry to grow. Most companies have now adopted remote work, and many of them will continue with it permanently.

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