Use LinkedIn Polls as Part of Your MSP Marketing Strategy

Stuart Crawford dives deep into Linkedin Polls and how to be leverage them to boost your overall marketing strategy.

Use LinkedIn Polls as Part of Your MSP Marketing Strategy

In the constantly developing world of social media, LinkedIn is flourishing. LinkedIn is attracting new professional sign-ups every second and to date has almost 740 million members with over 55 million registered organizations. Of the millions of LinkedIn users who are actively engaged on the platform, over 40 percent of the members access the platform daily.

Your professional network can be a great asset when it comes to obtaining insights and getting additional opinions. One of the best ways to gain access to this valuable information is through the use of LinkedIn polls.

There was a period in 2014 when the LinkedIn Polls feature was removed, but the removal didn't last long, and they reintroduced the feature in 2020. Since LinkedIn is back, now is a good time to look at how this feature can be best utilized in your digital marketing strategy. Polls can be created on individual pages, within user groups, on profile pages, and inside events.

What Are LinkedIn Polls?

The emergence of digital marketing has enabled organizations to deliver riveting customer experiences. There is a wealth of resources that marketing teams can use to acquire information related to their target audience in order to create a customized marketing plan that will be less likely to be a total flop.

By asking the LinkedIn network for feedback, not only will you be able to get relevant information and remain current with industry trends, but you will also be able to engage your target audience with intuitive conversations. Besides LinkedIn's interactivity capabilities, this feature standardizes the results garnered from the polls since participants can monitor poll trends in real-time. These benefits can help your organization generate a better position for itself in the market and create successful marketing strategies.

Like the poll features on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, LinkedIn Polls can control the availability of the poll result with answers. This feature can be incredibly useful for marketing teams to determine your poll audience's range so that only specific groups will be able to vote on your poll. When you create a poll, you will also have the ability to determine how long the poll will be available, which could be a one-day poll or a poll that is made available for up to two weeks.

The poll creator can also view the growing results as well as the number of votes each option received. If a poll is created on your organization's LinkedIn page, your admins will be able to see the options and how everyone voted.

How Are LinkedIn Polls Different From Other Social Media Polls?

Polls on social media platforms are nothing new in content marketing. Other social media platforms, such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram have been known for their immersive poll features. With the other social media platforms already having an established poll feature, how will LinkedIn make a new name for itself with its relaunched feature?

LinkedIn polls perform fairly similar to the Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook polls. However, LinkedIn enhances its platform with advantages the other social media platforms do not offer. Businesses and organizations can market the poll live to any of their connections, such as their LinkedIn Groups and anyone else across the LinkedIn network. With LinkedIn polls, you will be given more room to generate polls that cater to a more specific audience, and therefore, you will receive a more accurate overview and relevant insights.

How Can MSPs Make the Most Out of LinkedIn Polls?

Identify Any Undiagnosed Pain Points

Polls have already proven to be one of the best ways to identify any pain points. This is especially true when you offer a variety of managed IT services and solutions. You can directly address any potential pain points by conducting a LinkedIn poll because your clients will be offering firsthand feedback. A LinkedIn poll can also help you identify any knowledge gaps and address the areas where your clients have issues with your managed IT services.

Ask For Feedback on Your Managed IT Services

Audience polls can be an effective way to keep your eyes and ears on your community's needs and preferences. Poll your target audience on what types of content they want to see. A LinkedIn poll can give you an advantage when deciding what content to produce and how the content should be presented. The content you produce is only as good as the engagement it receives. Sometimes the best way to gain the valuable information you need is by asking.

Seek feedback from your LinkedIn audience. Conduct a poll to engage your customers or clients and encourage them to get involved by participating in a poll. How can you list questions about your products and/or services?

  • Do you want to get to know our new IT services?
  • Have you tried our new IT services?
  • Have we made progress in program quality through our new IT services?
  • How did you hear about our services?
  • What do you feel about our recent changes?
  • Do you feel we are keeping up with industry changes?

Increase Engagement With Your Target Audience

If you want to generate engagement on your LinkedIn posts, you should use Linkedin posts to initiate conversations with the individuals who participated in your polls. With LinkedIn polls, you will increase your chances of attracting industry experts and thought leaders.

When you start a conversation on a relevant topic, you will increase your chances of garnering responses. Your topic of conversation should be straightforward and you can even offer a few questions for respondents to choose from. You may also encourage anyone who wishes to respond to your question to dig a little deeper into their responses.

Managed services providers often use special offers and promotions to attract more leads. However, you may find it challenging to do this if you are unable to determine what offers will resonate with your target audience. When you use LinkedIn Polls to learn about content assets or preferred topics from your target audience, you will be able to use the feedback to ensure your content strategy aligns with what your existing clients and prospects desire.

Want to learn more about LinkedIn Polls, need help creating a LinkedIn poll or reaching your target audience? Engage with Ulistic LP today.


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