MSP Video Marketing Tips: Ditch Webinars and Opt For LinkedIn Live Streaming 

Video marketing continues to play an integral role in MSP lead generation campaigns. Managed service providers employ various types of video content to reach target audiences.

MSP Video Marketing Tips: Ditch Webinars and Opt For LinkedIn Live Streaming

Video marketing continues to play an integral role in MSP lead generation campaigns. Managed service providers employ various types of video content to reach target audiences. The best part is that the cost of creating professional video content is plummeting, enabling MSPs of varying sizes to boost brand awareness and generate leads cost-effectively.

Many companies use webinars, which come with pros and cons. This approach can trigger viewers’ interest in your services. However, webinars may provide lackluster results when aiming to generate leads because this type of video marketing does not constitute a sales pitch. You can use webinars to deliver value to attendees, but the lack of human interaction comprises effectiveness.

Stuart Crawford of Ulistic (a premium MSP marketing agency) recommends opting for LinkedIn live streaming to communicate directly with the target audience. This option allows you to broadcast content to audiences in your network. People can ask questions about relevant topics in real-time. LinkedIn live
streaming permits users to broadcast for up to four hours. Afterward, you can embed a link to the content in marketing materials.

The live streaming feature provides access to analytics data, such as total views, audience demographics, viewers’ locations, and watch time. You can use the insights to determine the popularity and engagement levels of various topics.

Follow the Audience

Crawford urges MSPs to publish video marketing content on platforms hosting target audiences. LinkedIn is undoubtedly popular with many corporate decision-makers. However, there is a need to share information that resonates with potential customers. The right content solves pertinent IT challenges many companies face, such as maintaining compliance, reducing IT costs, bolstering data protection, and preparing for cyber insurance applications.

By sharing information differently, it becomes easier to stand out and attract attention. Another critical factor to consider is producing high-quality videos using the right equipment. The aesthetic appeal of the content plays a subtle role in capturing LinkedIn users' imagination in your network. Well-presented content helps the target audience perceive your MSP brand positively.

It is no surprise that many managed service providers are switching to LinkedIn live stream after years of focusing on ads and webinars. Live streaming not only allows businesses to interact with audiences, but it is possible to conduct interviews with thought leaders covering various aspects of information technology.

LinkedIn Live Stream Content Ideas

According to Stuart Crawford, you can generate content ideas by checking popular topics in IT and business forums. He also encourages IT companies to look at help desk tickets and clients' questions in sales meetings. These sources are a goldmine of hot tech topics capable of attracting the attention of the right audiences.

Professionals grappling with technical issues you raise in the live stream are more likely to ask more questions. These interactions allow you to establish meaningful connections and generate qualified leads. New customers are sure to sign up fully aware of your solutions and the list of services they need, thanks to the live stream content and engagement.

In some cases, you will find the video content or topics covered in the LinkedIn live streaming sessions useful for warm-up emails. You can also offer a prospecting tool when welcoming new clients. Providing critical answers to clients’ questions is an essential part of the MSP onboarding process. Most clients appreciate getting a glimpse of the service through insider tips.

Getting in Front of the Camera

When it comes to MSP video marketing tips, it is vital to consider ways to beat camera shyness. Many people struggle with the idea of talking in front of the camera to a wider audience of business professionals. Ulistic CEO and Creative Director Stuart Crawford recommends taking robust steps to conquer the problem.

In doing so, you bolster your MSP firm’s capacity to generate a constant stream of qualified leads through LinkedIn. Many business professionals boost their companies’ growth by devising viable strategies to make video marketing campaigns work.

One way is to focus your mind on delivering expert tech tips without worrying about the camera. When handled correctly, video marketing via LinkedIn boosts your credibility and brand awareness. The gist of the matter is sharing how your information technology company helps clients achieve their tech objectives.

Business professionals need the insights to make informed choices when searching for the IT service provider. A well-presented marketing video gives prospects a chance to know your firm’s approach, and they can get in touch to sign up, thanks to the informative content.

The Power of Video Testimonials

Ulistic’s Stuart Crawford also urges MSPs to include live or recorded customer testimonials in LinkedIn videos. Incorporating video testimonials is a powerful way to show audiences that you provide an excellent IT service. Satisfied clients can be willing to share positive feedback on-camera.

A video testimonial conveys emotion from a subject to who many business professionals can relate. This type of content makes it easier for viewers of your LinkedIn live stream to connect with the story and your brand.


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