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MSP MarketingThe other day I scoured the web looking for a bookkeeper to help Ulistic.  You may have read my similar story a few months ago when Ulistic was moving into our new Hamilton, Ontario office.

We needed a security alarm system installed, and I wanted to get quotes from a few companies. However only one called me back.  Because of this, the company that returned my call got our business, plus the ongoing monthly monitoring fees as well.

Now, we’re looking for a bookkeeper in Hamilton to help us out.  And the same thing happens!  I contacted five bookkeeping firms in Hamilton.  Only one person made any attempt to get back to me.  And unless they’re a total “dud,” they’ll get our business!

Guess what? —MSPs are just as bad.

Last year we needed to get a new SonicWALL firewall for our office.  Same exact drill.  This time, we filled out forms looking for a SonicWALL partner to help us replace our aging device.  Not one single call!  A firewall sale plus the install fee just “flushed down the crapper!”

Don’t let the “little ones” get away.

Maybe some companies are just too focused on the “big fish” — that elusive $5,000-a-month MSP contract.  If this is your way of thinking, you’re only kidding yourself.

When I owned IT Matters our biggest client was Trident Exploration.  Trident started with three guys in a run-down office, in a not so glamorous part of downtown Calgary.  When we finished working with them, they had over 375 employees!  If I had been thinking the way many MSPs do— waiting for only the “big fish” and throwing back the others, one of my competitors would have walked away with this “catch.” Thank goodness I didn’t.

So here’s my point.  Don’t be like the SonicWALL partner in Burlington, or the bookkeeper in Hamilton who misses an opportunity.  Call everyone back, and at least complete your qualification steps.

Not every great opportunity will come wrapped with a bow on it.  Some awesome clients will end up growing with you.  “Don’t judge a book by its cover,” was the lesson I was taught when I was running IT Matters.

Think about it.  What are you missing out on right now because you don’t answer these calls? Or if you,

  • Have a poorly designed website? 
  • Look like every other MSP out there? 

What can you do to make a difference? Start by reading our 17-Step Sales Process eBook, and taking advantage of Ulistic’s $297 Website Deal.  These are two great steps in the right direction.  Then add on some coaching as well, and you’ll soon have the big fish as clients!

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