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Leading A Horse To Water And Making It Drink

OK, before all of you “flamers” find me guilty of “clickbait” … you don’t have to tell me. I’m well aware this is a clickbait title.

After all, what does leading a horse to water have to do with marketing and sales?

MSP Sales

A lot, actually.

I often use this terminology when answering MSPs’ question: “What does Ulistic actually do?”

This is a good question.

What do we do?

We’re professional “horse herders.”

(Maybe my second calling is to be a rancher in Colorado. Perhaps once a competitor discovers that we’re “eating too much of their lunch” and tries to take us out, I’ll become a professional rancher and raise bucking horses. This should be much easier than running an MSP Marketing Business!  Plus, Colorado would be a nice place to retire.)

OK, tangent alert for all you EOS crazies out there:

Ulistic’s job is to bring people to the trough – that’s it. 

It’s our job to:

  • Make your brand so irresistible that people will want to do business with you.
  • Get your company out there when a lawyer goes online to search for a legal IT support company.
  • Represent your MSP in the community.
  • Make sure you’re successful at trade shows.
  • Ensure you have all the marketing materials you need when a prospect comes calling.

It’s not our job to “directly” bring businesses to the table that are ready to sign your MSP contract and fork over $5G’s a month. This is your job or your sales team’s job.

My job as your technology marketing consultant is to get people interested and create demand.  I’ll bring them to the “trough.” It’s your job to “water them” and fulfill their “thirst” for the best technology solutions.  

Just recently, a client in Canada was complaining that she hadn’t gotten any leads in the past six months.  However, after a careful review of everything we’ve done for them (form fills, live chat leads, even inbound sales calls) we discovered that they actually had over 50 leads in the past six months! What they didn’t have were ORDERS.

We did our job. They didn’t do theirs.

Here are some quick and dirty ways you can get those “horses to the trough” and make them “drink:”

  1. Make sure your MSP is positioned as unique. Showcase what makes you different. My good friend Karl Bryan taught me that “You’ll make more money being different versus trying to be better.”
  2. Get out and network. Shake hands, kiss babies and meet as many people as you can who will refer business to you. Don’t look for leads – Look for people who will refer business to you. This means EVERYONE.
  3. Create a solid “thank-you” process. After all, you need to thank the people who are sending business your way.
  4. Create a stellar strategy to get your information in front of everyone and anyone who’ll listen. If you don’t have a SHOCK AND AWE marketing kit, we’ve got one for you.
  5. There’s a ton more you can do. (Just ask me.)

My job is to get businesses ready to “drink your water.”

It’s your job to get them to “drink.”

We can form an awesome partnership. Let’s chat.  Need help with all this stuff?  Reach out to Ulistic at info@ulistic.com or call us at (716) 263-6961.


PS – I feel generous today. The first five people who email me using the subject “I want free stuff” will get a box of cool goodies in the mail.

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