Is Lackluster Marketing Shortchanging Your MSP Growth Potential?

Your technical expertise is beyond reproach, but when do you have time to focus on truly growing your business? See how implementing targeted marketing strategies can drive exponential business growth.  

MSP Growth Potential Through Supercharged Marketing

Your technical expertise is beyond reproach, but when do you have time to focus on truly growing your business? See how implementing targeted marketing strategies can drive exponential business growth.  

Are you blasting your message from the rooftops, but still struggling to see meaningful sales growth for your MSP? If all the "traditional" marketing methods have failed you, perhaps it is time to revisit your overall marketing approach. Everything from what compels your clients to select your IT services business over your competitors to sharing your amazing technical knowledge can have an impact on the long-term growth of your business. If you aren't currently focused in on how to refine your messaging and get creative with outreach, these tips from MSP marketing pro Stuart Crawford can help get you pointed in the right direction.

Branding Your MSP

The challenge with any industry is that there are plenty of competitors who do exactly the same thing that you do. They probably even do a credible job technically. While all IT managed service providers have technical offerings, the ability to implement Microsoft Office 365 isn't going to be a selling point. Instead, you have to identify exactly what within your brand is unique and capitalize on those qualities in your marketing messaging. Many MSPs are focused on a specific industry such as healthcare, finance or construction and provide the absolute best service and knowledge for that type of business.

If you don't specialize in a particular industry, the next option is to consider where your passion lies within the broad spectrum of services that you offer. Perhaps you get invigorated by helping a client streamline their workflows or data structures. Maybe shifting a business from on-premise storage to cloud is a big win for your team, or being able to serve the complete needs of a small business from office machines to software and hardware. Your selling proposition becomes that much more fascinating to your clients when there is the force of passion behind your message.

Invest in Building Social Proof

Sometimes all it takes to convince a new prospect that you are the right MSP for their business is social proof -- verifiable information in the public record that is positive, insightful and engaging. Social proof can take a variety of forms, including:

  • Downloadable whitepapers showing your thought leadership on a specific topic
  • Video interviews with reputable partners or clients
  • Customer testimonials for your business (video or written)
  • Case studies that outline the solutions to difficult challenges

Sure it can be tough to request this type of information and time commitment from current clients, but it is certainly worth the effort. Not everything has to be highly formal -- podcasts, personal interviews, and quick videos are all just as acceptable as a staged video interview. IT services are an incredibly high-touch and important service and one that has the potential to skyrocket revenue for a business . . . or cause significant operational issues that require expensive remediation. Prospects are reviewing all possible sources of information as they make this vital decision that will affect the future of their business.

The value proposition for producing this type of content is compelling: 93% of customers say online reviews impact their purchasing decisions while 68% of customers will leave a review -- all you have to do is ask!

Business Development or Digital Marketing?

The term "digital marketing" has become such a part of our vernacular that you might be led to believe other forms of business development have limited value. Nothing could be further from the truth. Truly integrated marketing or business development strategies include a holistic approach to communications and outreach with prospects and current clients that runs the gamut from placing search engine advertising to billboards, printed postcards or flyers and telemarketing. Digital marketing is simply one of the tools that smart business leaders use to grow sales and enhance their customer base.

Create a Cohesive Content Strategy

Unique, high-quality content is one of the hallmarks of a discoverable business. That doesn't mean simply grabbing and reposting articles that you feel add value to your clients, although that can also be an acceptable part of the mix if you're adding some insight. Instead, creating articles and videos and podcasts from scratch will naturally boost your SEO and position your MSP as a thought leader in your field. Google has three key considerations for bouncing your content near the top of the search results page called E.A.T.: Expertise, Authority and Trustworthiness (also known as Page Quality). When your content fits within these standards and provides true value to your readers, you are more likely to gain a convert to your business.

You know how important it is to have a remarkable message and on-point marketing, but bringing your business messaging and materials in line doesn't happen without effort. When you work with the professionals at Ulistic, you'll be gaining access to over 25 years of experience specifically in the MSP marketing field. Plus, our team works with you to help streamline operations and sales processes to ensure your business makes the most effective use of time and assets. Contact Ulistic at {phone} or fill out our quick online form to schedule your complimentary, 60-minute business development review with Ulistic.


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