Is WordStream Shutting Down?

In a recent email, WordStream Advisor users were notified that as of January 31, 2022, WordStream's Advisor software will be discontinued.

Is WordStream Shutting Down?

The right paid platform can give your brand more opportunities to be seen by a larger audience. The right platform also gives your brand the opportunity to reach people who you previously believed were out of your reach.

When you find yourself spending money to make money, you always want to see a positive ROI. Using one or more paid tools not only places limitations on your spending, but it saves you time by making the process of reaching users more effective. Different businesses and organizations rely on different tools to analyze their spending, and one of the popular tools that have been used for quite some time is WordStream Advisor.

WordStream Advisor was created to help businesses and organizations launch paid media campaigns that offer high click-through rates, higher engagement rates, and higher conversion rates. Whether looking to run social media ads, paid search ads, or a combination of both, WordStream Advisor has been optimizing campaigns so campaigns will receive the visits, leads, and sales needed to improve ROI.

WordStream Advisor Key Features

  • Lets its users evaluate the account performance of Google Ads, in addition to receiving tailored recommendations such as improving ad extensions based on account data
  • Allows businesses and organizations to stay connected with their target audience using methods other than email
  • Provides access to tools for advertising and implements effective, streamlined campaigns on social media with very little effort

What Users Have Enjoyed About WordStream Advisor

  • The ability to analyze ad performances
  • The ability to implement recommendations that could be used to strategize paid search changes
  • The ability to use the tool to drive phone calls via paid search
  • The recommendations that were given to reduce costs and achieve better resources

Is WordStream Advisor Still Available?

There was a time when WordStream Advisor was the number one Google Ads management platform in the industry. However, it appears the once industry-leading Software as a Service(SaaS) application for Google ads management will be shutting down soon. In a recent email, WordStream Advisor users were notified that as of January 31, 2022, WordStream's Advisor software will be discontinued.

With WordStream shutting down its Advisor tool, many users were offered a transfer to LOCALiQ in the announcement, but the announcement seemed more like a marketing post for LOCALiQ. While WordStream provided lengthy information about LOCALiQ, it is something we will not be using moving forward. Users who make the transfer to LOCALiQ will discover they will not be able to keep their own Google Ads accounts. LOCALiQ will run Google Ads accounts from their account.

Making the transition to LOCALiQ will also mean users will be left in the dark when it comes to ad spending. LOCALiQ will not maintain or report on your ad spending. You will give LOCALiQ your budget and that budget will be broken up into conversion metrics each month. There is a lack of transparency with LOCALiQ which is part of the reason why we will not be using this tool.

Why Is WordStream Advisor Shutting Down?

WordStream Advisor will be shutting down in January 2022 because of the updates Google is making to its API. Google is updating its API which will prevent ad software like WordStream from managing AdWords. Google's newer API seems to be more comprehensive than the old one, but WordStream does not seem to have any plans to make changes to its code.

An API (Application Programming Interface) is a software program that gives developers access to computing resources and data. APIs have to follow specific rules to effectively communicate requests and responses. The ability to access data and computing resources significantly increases a developer's efficiency.

The AdWords API will sunset in April 2022, so this does not leave as much time as some businesses and organizations may need. While many companies are trying to make the necessary changes to their strategies, it seems WordStream is not making too much noise as they try to move as many people to LOCALi as possible before their users find other platforms.

Disadvantages of Software as a Service (SAAS) Applications Like WordStream

Lack of Control

One of the biggest disadvantages of working with a SaaS like WordStream is the lack of control. Lack of control is a major drawback when using SaaS. Compared to traditional software models, control of applications is in the hands of the SaaS company and not in the hands of businesses. The management of the applications will be carried out by the provider. Therefore, businesses have to rely on a third party for the management of critical business applications.

It is important to remember that with a SaaS model you will never own the service you're using. This means the control of critical business functions will always be in the hands of a third party. This can present a variety of issues. For instance, you may not have the opportunity to opt out of upgrades you don't want, while you'll also have minimal control over changes to the application.

Service Discontinuation

Another disadvantage of using SaaS is that the SaaS provider can leave at any time and you will be left to fend for yourself, as we have seen with WordStream Advisor. Providers can end their services for several reasons. This also means businesses and organizations can potentially lose critical files and data if the provider has to end their service. You'll generally receive an announcement before the service is terminated, giving you the opportunity to back up your files and transfer them over to another service.

Ultimately, the SaaS applications you choose for your business will depend on the specifics of your business. Given the potential cost savings and flexibility of SaaS applications, we understand why so many businesses are implementing SaaS applications.

Every digital marketing campaign requires the use of media tools that can be used to deliver a positive ROI. There are tools that have been designed to help you optimize and manage your spending in order to improve your bottom line. If you are looking for a great marketing partner that won't leave you in limbo, contact Ulistic today.


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