How to Sell IT Services to Architects, Engineering and Construction Companies

Most MSPs find it hard to sell their services to architectural, engineering, and construction companies.

How to Sell IT Services to Architects, Engineering and Construction Companies

Most MSPs find it hard to sell their services to architectural, engineering, and construction companies. One of the reasons for this can be explained by the fact that the AEC sector has been resistant to embracing some technological solutions for a long time. The Cloud, in particular, is yet to be fully adopted by the industry. If your MSP has been struggling to penetrate this sector to sell your products, listen to expert advice on what you can do.

Doug Miller shares helpful insights to help you in what seems like an impossible accomplishment. His company, Bright Works Group, has been in the IT industry for years, constantly delivering IT transformation, Cloud migration, and digital transformation services to its clients.

Miller starts by noting that engineers are now slowly embracing technology, although it failed them in the past. These professionals have multiple file transfers to do and many documents to manage. Most of the cloud services they got did not work too well for the sector. This can be attributed to the reason why the industry is a little hesitant to work with MSPs.

However, Miller notes that all hope is not lost, pointing to a more reliable solution. From experience, what the AEC sector is looking for is a more optimal solution, and they have found it in CompleteCloud.

What is CompleteCloud?

CompleteCloud is a Smart Platform powered by Avatara. The minds behind the platform had security and productivity in mind for businesses that use the service. The all-inclusive pricing model per use per month gives users a competitive advantage and peace of mind.

The platform comes with several benefits for the AEC sectors as well as other industries.

  • Managed security: one of the issues that cloud solution users worry about is the security of their data and documents. With Complete Cloud, this is something they won't have to worry about. The platform comes with an ever-evolving layered approach that is industry compliant. It also encompasses Data Loss Protection consultation and 24/7 security operations.
  • Productivity suite: Complete Cloud incorporates several features like secure file sharing, email archive, and collaboration tools for enhanced productivity. The unified communication tools include softphone, chat, and video conferencing.
  • Cloud Desktops: these provide both a virtual and physical workstation for engineers and architects. Engineers can equip their workstations with AutoCAD-certified graphics that help them connect to the backend. They can also set up encrypted connections for remote access.
  • Servers and unlimited storage: the platform provides an active business directory, file and app servers, dedicated email exchange, private voice PBX, and infrastructure licensing.
  • Local hardware: the platform also comes with complete site hardware, including wireless access points, managed POE switches, firewalls, Windows 10 thin clients, and phone handset.
  • Artificial intelligence: the artificial intelligence tool, Ava, provides automated proactive support, anomaly monitoring, automated proactive support, and user productivity tips.

The Complete Cloud platform features include disaster recovery, around-the-clock support, and Avatara Connect that provides remote access to the cloud desktop.

Miller continues to note that this is the ideal platform for engineers as it provides a data-center-based solution. It also includes the virtualization of servers, storage, and all endpoints. The workstation is more physical than virtual, which is a compromise between graphic and everyday virtualized workstations. It, therefore, provides normal usage for regular users, considering they no longer need the exact physical blueprint they had traditionally.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, professionals in the AEC sector are redesigning their office spaces. They need their offices to be collaborative and not necessarily rooms that accommodate regular reporting. With remote access to documents and data, they like the flexibility that Complete Cloud offers, allowing them to work from anywhere.

What is the AEC Sector Looking for in MSPs?

Miller continues to note that if MSPs are to sell their IT solutions to engineers, architects, construction, they need to rethink their strategy. MSPs need to sell certified and security-compliant solutions, although this is bound to change soon. He also says that these professionals prefer private cloud solutions over public ones. The product they offer should also have a low cost of entry and provide a matchless solution based on unique algorithms.

The Need for Fresh Talent

Away from the cloud solutions, Miller notes that the MSP industries need an overhaul to succeed. Currently, the industry is dominated by older people who are not concerned with service delivery and IT solutions. Their focus is on cutting costs and making profits, explaining the many mergers and acquisitions in the sector.

Miller says it is time to nature young professionals who won't only be IT experts but also shrewd businesspeople in control of their companies. In realization of these goals, his company has set up a Primacy University program. It targets high school graduates who don't want to go to college. These individuals are attached to actual companies for four days a week and are paid for their work. On the fifth day, they attend college, where they learn entrepreneurship to help them chart their career course.

Finally, Miller says that MSPs need to improve their marketing skills. They should consider partnering with professional marketing companies to sell their services to the AET sector and deliver noticeable results. The marketing approach needs to change, with sales and marketing becoming intrinsic to business operations.

Final Thoughts

Selling MSP services to engineers, architects, and construction firms is, in most cases, an uphill task. The sector is yet to embrace most IT solutions, especially cloud services, entirely. However, it's not impossible to penetrate the market with the right approach, strategy, and knowledge.

From an expert view, there's one cloud solution that provides everything engineers need in an IT solution. If MSPs can embrace it and sell it with all its relevant features, they stand to gain a lot. However, this information is not all too common, and your MSP could benefit from learning more about it. At Ulistic, we are here to broaden your view about the solutions you can offer and help with your MSP marketing needs. Contact us today to book a complimentary discussion.


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