How To Get Your MSP To Show Up On Google My Business

Stuart Crawford shares how MSPs can get their MSP business to show up in the Google My Business service.

Get Your MSP To Show Up On Google My Business

If you run an MSP that services clients or customers in a specific region or city, the chances are high that you are already familiar with Google Maps. However, many MSP owners have difficulties understanding why their MSP does not show up on the map after typing in searches related to their business's services.

If you have been trying to get your business to show up on Google My Business, it is important to understand how Google works when it comes to displaying search results. You may also want to know how to enhance your MSP's SEO strategy so that your MSP's website can consistently provide valuable and relevant data to Google.

What is Google My Business and How Can It Help My MSP?

To successfully increase visibility on Google, many businesses and organizations create a business listing. If you are looking to gain visibility for your MSP by creating a business listing, you may not be aware that the creation of a business listing in the form of a Business Profile will not mean you will be allowed to manage it. However, you will need to have the ability to manage the profile if you want it to be a positive SEO  tool.

How will you be able to manage your Google Business Profile? Creating a Business Profile on Google can be a great way to increase your visibility, but did you know you can also create a Google My Business account for that same profile? Google My Business allows you to effectively manage and enhance your MSP's Business Profile on Google. Your MSP's Business Profile appears in Google Maps and in the Google search results.

The Business Profile will be open to users to leave reviews, add images, ask questions, and answer questions that have been posted by other users. The Business Profile may also have information Google adds from websites. A Business Profile has the ability to exist without the need to create a Google My Business account. It does not matter if you created a Business Profile for your MSP or not, you will not have the ability to manage how the information is displayed or what reviews are posted.

A Google My Business account is the only way you will be able to claim ownership of your Business Profile, manage it, and increase visibility on Google. Creating a Business Profile can be compared to adding a place to Google Maps.  What is needed to add a place to Google Maps? All that is required of Google is the business name, business location, and business category. After it has been confirmed by Google, Google will create the Business Profile.

Benefits Of Using Google My Business Listing

Why should you do what you can to ensure your MSP is listed on Google?

  • Your MSP will get website traffic, messaging, and phone calls you did not have to pay for
  • It will be easier for potential clients to find your MSP when you are on the first page
  • You can increase your MSP's visibility through the use of Google Maps
  • You can use this to post sales, offers, and discounts
  • You can increase customer engagement
  • You can improve local SEO performance

Showing Up In Google My Business – Local SEO

Are people finding your local MSP? Is MSP showing up on the local map for your area? Everything will start with visitors landing on your website. There are numerous ways to get visitors to your MSP's website. The majority of business marketing efforts are completed digitally. This is due in large part to more people using smartphones and other mobile devices. The majority of online searches are done through the use of mobile devices, which is also one of the main reasons we encourage MSP websites to be mobile-friendly.

A large percentage of Google searches for MSPs are being completed using conventional channels, but users are also exploring other options like Google Maps when looking for an MSP near their location. A listing on Google My Business is referred to as Local SEO because it is the process of optimizing a business for a search engine. Just as algorithms are used by Google to rank ads and websites, they are also used for ranking Business Profiles. You can incorporate keywords into your Business Profile and perform other optimizations to help your MSP rank higher in local results and show up on Google My Business.

Getting Clients To Leave Reviews

One of the best tactics you can implement to get your MSP to show up on Google Maps is to receive raving reviews. If you do a simple search for an MSP service or another service in your area, you will notice that the first few map results will have good reviews. When Google wants to deliver the best results to a user searching for MSPs, Google will find the MSPs that have the best reviews.

Positive reviews can act as a seal of approval, especially since the reviews are left by people who have used the services. If your business does not have a significant number of reviews, there are ways to improve this. You can share the link to your Google My Business page with your clients or customers where they can leave a review. There are a few key elements that can impact how reviews work, such as the following:

  • When users include your keywords in their reviews.
  • If users use multiple related keywords, this will increase your chances of ranking higher for those keywords

Google My Business listings hold a significant amount of weight with Google because it works, and this is especially true if you know what you are doing. If you have not claimed your MSP on Google My Business, now would be a great time to make use of this chance. If you are like many MSP leaders, you want to get your MSP listed, but you probably do not want to deal with all the technical stuff. This is where we come in. Engage with Ulistic as your trusted digital marketing firm. If you want to generate more leads and sales from Google My Business, contact us today.


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