How To Delete Entities In Yext

We believe Yext is an asset to marketing agencies that want to implement strong SEO strategies for clients.

How To Delete Entities In Yext

We know it's important to be found on the internet, but we also know what's even more important. For businesses to be found on the internet with accurate and up-to-date information about their business. Running any type of business can be a bit exhausting. With advanced technology, the digital world is growing and changing each day.

Many business owners are happy to get into digital marketing and they do so easily, but they do not always know how to manage information and data in today's digital world. It is very important for business owners to have accurate information about the business available across search engines, Google Maps, social media, etc.

Achieving a top-ranking position on Google My Business listings relies not only on the Google reviews on the business but also on how the contact information is displayed in third-party directories. These listings are typically referred to as citations. A business's name, address, and phone (NAP) are critical pieces of information Google looks for to determine credibility and authority. Since there are so many directory websites in today's digital world, it is important to make sure business citations are accurate. However, over time, we know this can become an increasingly overwhelming responsibility, but it is a necessary one.

Building Citations for a Business

It is critical to know the difference between directories and listing sites because there are some directories and sites that are more worthwhile than others. Once it has been determined what websites are worthwhile, you will make the attempt to add your clients' business info. You may discover that more time will be required to do this on some listing sites and directories. After the business listing has been accepted, some time will be needed for Google and other search engines to find the information. You will find yourself doing this several times in all the directories you use.

What is Yext?

How can we ensure contact information is accurately presented on the web without jumping through so many hoops? There is a more efficient and effective way to build citations for your clients.

At Ulistic, we re-united with Yext to ensure this issue is addressed on behalf of our clients. Yext, the global leader in Digital Location Management, helps us keep our clients' business information up to date and accurate. We are proud to offer services through this unique and highly-rated platform.

We believe Yext is an asset to marketing agencies that want to implement strong SEO strategies for clients. Yext performs audits on active business directory listings, and these directory listings can then be updated to replace information that is no longer accurate. The Yext tool can also be used to identify listing opportunities, making it easier to add information to listings that are lacking information.

Building an SEO Strategy with Yext

Through Yext, we are not only able to ensure our clients' business info is accurate across various internet platforms, but we are also able to transform their marketing strategies through the use of innovative SEO tools. We scan listings and confirm that each listing is live and that all the information is listed as it should be. We are able to manage locations, contact information, reviews, and more. Yext takes the important business details of clients and accurately lists the information listing sites and directories. In little time, clients will have their business listings indexed by search engines, and site authority will begin to rise.

Cleaning up Entries in Yext

It is important for your database to remain free of entries that you are no longer engaging with. You may think going through a database to purge entities will be too difficult and too time-consuming. However, this is not the case when using Yext. You can only delete entities in Yext if there is no active subscription. Once you remove an entity in Yext, you will not be able to restore it.

To remove an entity in the platform, you should navigate to the Knowledge Graph that is located in the top navigation bar. You will be taken to a list of your entities and you can select the checkbox next to the entity you need to remove. Next, you will need to navigate to More Actions and select the Delete Entities option and will be able to confirm that you want to delete an entity or multiple entities.

More and more of our clients' customers are using mobile devices to access information about the business. However, since there are so many places where that information can show up online, critical data can sometimes get out of sync over time. If a business owner makes the decision to close early or close entirely on a specific day of the week, that information needs to be up-to-date and accurate.

If the information is not accurate, it can cause a great amount of confusion. Customers and clients will not know that the office is closed completely or after 12PM on Wednesdays. Yext will take care of this. Yext will make sure all data is correct, not just on one directory or listing site, but across the entirety of the internet.

In today's digital world, it is easy to discover cutting-edge marketing technology and solutions that can improve content marketing, digital marketing, and more.  One thing that I find exciting about Yext is the ability to have a comprehensive place where I can do a variety of refreshing and impacting tasks.  Tools that centralize tasks that can be contrasting or confusing can make the lives of marketers so much easier.

I've mentioned how challenging and time-consuming tasks that are related to citations can be, but these tasks can become less challenging and time-consuming when using Yext. When entities are no longer in use and the subscription becomes inactive, you can easily delete those entities from the comprehensive Yext platform. With Yext as part of your marketing arsenal, business names and essential information will be spread accurately across the internet.

If you'd like more Yext tips and advice, contact Ulistic today at (863) 451-3088 to speak with us.


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