How Much Should MSPs Invest In Google Ads?

Google Ads, once known as Google Adwords, has become a crucial component in the digital marketing space.

How Much Should MSPs Invest In Google Ads?

Google Ads, once known as Google Adwords, has become a crucial component in the digital marketing space. Google Ads gives you an edge over SEO because it gives you the opportunity to advertise one day and earn quality leads the next day.

Combined with an effective SEO strategy, Google Ads will improve your online marketing. Google Ads for MSPs does take some time to get right. Have you ever received calls or emails from someone asking for help, but you do not provide the services and solutions they are in need of? If this has happened to you, it is highly likely that you have been bidding on the wrong keywords and someone accidentally clicked on an ad that you have already paid for.

Many MSPs accredit Google Ads costs to other advertising channels such as one-minute radio slots for a full month or a highway advertisement board. However, Google Ads does not work this way. However, Google Ads does not have a set cost. Google Ads relies on an auction mechanism and acts as an auction marketplace. Google Ads can be entered into an auction whenever you are bidding on keywords related to a user's web search.

The product that Google Ads sells is website visitors. The amount you spend will not necessarily depend on the channel you are using, but more so on your industry. The MSP industry is different when it comes to marketing for a variety of reasons, and one of those reasons is the value of an individual client. As an MSP, you are not selling small gadgets for a few dollars apiece. You are selling long-term solutions that cost hundreds or thousands of dollars.

How Much Should I Invest in Google Ads?

How much should you invest in Google Ads? The answer: It Depends. It depends on your location, client, industry, and objectives. If you are starting with a campaign for the first time and have never used Google Ads before, you should opt for a low investment that still allows you to be competitive. If you have had some experience with Google Ads, you may be more likely to opt for higher investment.

Some may have the mindset that they will start with a very small investment and will eventually increase the investment if Google Ads works in their favor. The amount you invest in the Google Ads campaign for your MSP website will depend on your local area, as some keywords from larger, metro areas will cost more because there is more competition for MSP websites in some areas.

In the beginning, you will gain insight into the ads that your target audience relates to. You will also learn what keywords result in qualified leads. You will also be able to test which ads on your landing pages are resulting in leads and which ones are not. When you are just getting your feet wet, you will likely want to contain your costs because you are not sure what is going to work. You will be in testing mode. There is a chance that you will see positive results while you are in testing mode, but there is also a chance that you will not make any money or lose money.

We have created many Google Ads campaigns that were successful right away, but this does not have to be your mindset when you begin a campaign. You should be more focused on the fact that you are making an investment in market research. When you are better equipped to build and optimize your MSP's Google Ads campaigns, you will likely invest more in your Google Ads campaign.

How much you invest will depend on your sales goals, the geographic area you are targeting, search volume, and industry competitiveness. My recommendation is to address the following questions:

  • What are your goals for new leads?
  • What are your goals for new revenue?
  • How much traffic do you need to reach your goals?
  • How far do you think you are from reaching your goals?

Is There A Minimum Investment in Google Ads?

A minimum investment is not required to create a Google Ads account for your business, nor is one required to run a Google Ads campaign for your MSP. You could launch a test campaign on a $2 or $5/day budget if that is what you wanted to do. However, it could be extremely difficult to receive positive results with a small investment. The results you receive from your Google Ads campaign will depend on how competitive the industry is and how competitive your keywords are. However, the point is that you can eventually make a larger investment if it proves necessary.

Everything you do with Google Ads occurs in real-time. This means you have the ability to scale up as soon as you have identified that your MSP campaign is successful. On the other hand, you can scale down as soon as you have identified that your MSP campaign is not performing as expected. There is no contract commitment and you are not required to make a specific monthly investment.

There is unlimited scalability with Google Ads. If you have an MSP campaign that is delivering great results with an investment of $2,000/month, you can quickly increase that investment to $5,000/month or more. In many cases, industries with a higher CPC spend more on Google Ads. It is not uncommon to see clicks as high as $50 in larger industries, which can lead to MSPs increasing their monthly Google Ads investment.

If you are considering Google Ads, it will be a good investment. It is important to take your website, industry, and your competitors into consideration. If you are just getting started with Google Ads, we can help you get your campaign up and running. If you are already advertising in Google, but you are not getting the results you want, we have the solutions and services needed to get your campaign in the right direction.

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