Why Hello Bar Is A Must For Managed Services Websites

Hello Bar helps MSPs communicate with visitors, gather user information and impact conversion rates. Use it to grow your client base.

What is Hello Bar?

Hello Bar is a service you can use to communicate with visitors, gather user information, and impact conversion rates. Use it to time messages to your visitors and track your communication with prospects. It's ideal for Managed Services Websites looking to grow their client base. Hello Bar has a 94 percent customer satisfaction rating.

What Are the Key Benefits of Hello Bar for Managed Services Websites?

Hello Bar lets you extract user data and use the information to communicate with visitors.

"It integrates through the APIs of many of the top applications you can use for email marketing. We happen to link ours into MailChimp. That's the tool we use for email marketing," according to Stuart Crawford of Ulistic, a managed services marketing agency.

  • Email Apps. Hello Bar is compatible with MailChimp, AWeber and Campaign Monitor. It's a fast, elegant way to store subscribe lists so that you can send them emails of your latest offerings and discount opportunities.
  • Social Media promotion is another great feature of this software. Hello Bar helps you promote your content on LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Buffer and other platforms. You can count on increasing your followers and subscribers.
  • Tuning into social media channels is key, and Hello Bar has follow buttons to your social media pages. It's also available with Twitter, Pinterest and Google+.
  • A/B testing at Hello Bar is a service to help you display the best messages. Since only the most comprehensive messages are read, you should be able to improve your conversations through Hello Bar.
  • Targeting lets you decide which visitors see a particular bar. You can target devices that make it seem as if users are being contacted.

How Can You Use Hello Bar for Your Managed Services Websites?

"I recommend it for MSPs that want to start attracting and using it and attracting emails to build their email list," Crawford said.

Hello Bars improve your website’s conversion rates. Make sure your bars display a clear message that prompts the audience to complete the desired action. This usually includes getting an email address, or communicating with you on social media.

Hello bars help you share news, information and announcements. Make your Hello Bar count to get the best results.

Can Hello Bar Drive Traffic to a Landing Page?

Hello Bar has worked extremely well at sending traffic to a preferred URL. This is usually a landing page, contact page, or popular blog post. If you want to grow your mailing list, use your Hello Bar to encourage visitors to join your email list. When you add a subscribe button, you create a lead magnet.

You can place contact information in a Hello Bar or have visitors enter their email address, link, telephone number and other information. Display this information on your managed services websites to remind your audience to call or send a message.

How Can Hello Bar Improve Social Interactions with Clients?

Hello bars help your grow your social media following. Try using your Hello Bar to ask for a share, follow, like or tweet. You can also link to your social media profiles. Combine this tactic with a social media competition or giveaway to increase conversions.

"It gives you a very cool dashboard where you can see the emails that you collected, you can talk to your visitors, do social media marketing, and see how many views you received. You can really start going in and looking at a lot of information and see your trends over time," Crawford said.

What Devices Support Hello Bar?

Managed services websites and other users can use Hello Bar with Windows, Android, Mac, iPhone/iPad and web-based sites. It's a cloud-based service with free and paid versions, and monthly and annual subscriptions are available.

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