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A Quick Look Around The Technology Community – Healthcare IT Services

Healthcare professionals across the country have seen an increase in the number of information technology companies looking for new clients. These IT companies are reaching out to those in the healthcare industry in the hopes of scoring as much business as they can.

healthcare IT services

But, are all healthcare IT service providers created equally or are some just looking for an instant cash grab?

In this article, I will share with you some of the top healthcare IT services companies that I have had the privilege of working with.  Each of them offers unique services, so I recommend you check them out before deciding. Speak with each one to find out who offers the best IT services for your medical or healthcare organization.

Who Are The Top IT Services Companies In Healthcare In The United States?

  1. Reliable IT ( Reliable IT is a national IT consulting firm with headquarters in Massachusetts.  Reliable IT works with many different industries. However, their healthcare division, based in Denver, CO works exclusively with large physician groups and orthopedic doctors from coast to coast.  Each year, Reliable IT Healthcare hosts an Executive Healthcare Summit in Colorado. This year’s event runs from Oct 17 to 19 in Avon, CO.
  2. Global Data Systems ( GDS is based in New England and covers the entire country as well.  GDS has a wealth of experience working with medical organizations from hospitals to local clinics.  One of GDS’ unique offerings is ChartViewer. ChartViewer allows a medical clinic to switch from a legacy EMR/EHR like eCW, Centricity, and others to newer EMR solutions such as Epic.
  3. EMDTec ( EMDTec is based in New Jersey and according to their corporate website, they only work with healthcare organizations.
  4. eSOZO ( eSOZO is another New Jersey IT company that adds healthcare and medical to their list of organizations they support.
  5. AllTek Services ( Alltek Services is based in Lakeland, Florida.  Like eSOZO, AllTek lists healthcare and medical as one of the business communities they have experience in supporting.

What should a medical clinic searching for dependable IT services be looking for?

The gold rush for HIPAA consultants is running wild throughout the IT services community.  Every IT company wants to cash in on the HIPAA cash grab.

What should your medical organization look out for when selecting a healthcare IT service company?

Organizations seeking a medical IT support organization should be on the lookout for these key signs of credibility:

  1. Are they HIPAA compliant? We all know that there is no actual certification for HIPAA compliance. However, all IT services companies in the healthcare space should demonstrate their compliance.  One thing to look out for is the HIPAA seal of compliance.  One such organization, The Compliancy Group based in New York State, offers IT service companies and healthcare organizations a “seal of compliance.”  Click here to find out more about this program.
  2. Case Studies: Does the IT services company you are looking to work with have a number of case studies they can share with you? If they don’t have “social proof” for their work or have an excuse as to why they don’t have this, you may need to look elsewhere. It’s highly recommended that you source an IT consulting company who has a proven track record of working with healthcare organizations like yours.
  3. Do they have medical professionals on staff? As mentioned prior, there is a gold rush or cash grab happening in the IT community, where a number of IT service companies are entering into the medical space without any staff that has experience in healthcare.  Always ask to speak with their medical or healthcare technology team members and seek out CVs that demonstrate experience in your field.
  4. There is more to IT services for healthcare organizations than HIPAA. Look for depth of services that keep your patient information safe, secure, and your practice technology up and running.  If HIPAA is the only thing they know about, then try someone else.
  5. Partnerships: Who do they work with? Do they have a number of resources they can introduce you to?  For example, there are a number of solutions that IT companies can team up with to extend their service offerings to your clinic.  Ask about their partner programs and what other services/solutions they can help you with.

Here are just a few of the top IT service companies I have had experience working with over the years.

The Best Reminder For Medical Organizations Searching For A New IT Services Provider

As always, do your homework and don’t rush into a fast decision.  Ask for “street creds” or “social proof.”  Make sure you speak with their medical IT teams and get the pedigree.

Good luck in your search for an IT consulting company.  If you need help to source a potential company or need an introduction to a medical IT services company, email me at and I will do my best to connect you with some of the top technology services companies in the healthcare community.


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