A Guide To Managed Services Marketing Prices

How much should your managed services business pay for outsourced marketing services? Great question. This document outlines the typical fees charged by the top managed services marketing agencies.

They all seem to want to know this vital information, and they ask us almost immediately

“How much does your MSP marketing service cost?”

Nearly every company we speak with wants to know how much they should expect to pay for managed IT services marketing from Ulistic or one of the many IT service marketing agencies out there.

Well, the easy answer is “it depends.”

I know this is probably not the desired answer, but pricing out managed services or MSP marketing solutions depends on many variables and services that are available to your organization.

Here’s a short list of services you should expect to receive from your MSP marketing agency:

  • MSP Marketing Pricing
    Professional Website
  • MSP SEO Services
    Search Engine Optimization
  • MSP Digital Marketing
    Social Media Marketing
  • MSP Security Marketing
    Social Media Prospecting
  • Managed Services Marketing
    Email Marketing
  • IT Services Marketing
    Email Prospecting
  • MSP Email Marketing
    Content Creation
  • MSP Content Marketing
    Content Management
  • MSP Digital Marketing Services
  • MSP Newsletters
  • Marketing Tech Firms
    Inside Sales Solutions
  • MSP Video Marketing
  • MSP vCMO Services
    Coaching and Consulting
  • Marketing Managed Services
    Annual Onsite Visits
  • Marketing IT Service Companies
    Technology Marketing Brochures
  • Marketing Technology Service Organizations
    Event Management
  • Marketing Tech Firms
    Webinars and Educational Sessions
  • Marketing Tech Firms
  • Marketing Tech Firms
    Lead Qualification Services
  • Video Marketing
    Video Marketing
  • Marketing Tech Firms
    Video Spokesperson
  • Marketing Tech Firms
    Video Editing
  • Marketing Tech Firms
    Media & Public Relations

You can see there’s a long list of services that can go into a managed services marketing solution and what you choose will reflect how much you pay.

Basic MSP Marketing Solution

A basic MSP marketing solution can range anywhere from to 7 each month. This level of service just gets you started and, for some, especially those with an internal marketing department, this may be all you need.

A basic MSP marketing solution can provide marketing templates, sales scripts, eBooks, video templates and anything else that you can rebrand and use.

Don’t expect much flexibility when shopping for an entry-level MSP marketing solution from any of the major MSP marketing agencies.

Intermediate MSP Marketing Solution

Tech Pro Marketing Services

This is where things start to get interesting. We’ve seen pricing all over the board at this level. Anywhere from $247 plus a bunch of add-on fees, right on up to a couple of thousand dollars per month.

This is when you really must do your homework and determine exactly what you’re getting and the terms and conditions of the agreement.

The MSP marketing community is littered with “Marketing Managers” yesterday – fired today – consultants tomorrow people.

Make sure you do a thorough background check at this level. There’s a lot of snake oil out there, promising you everything and delivering nothing.

An intermediate managed services marketing program may contain:

  • MSP Website (Ask: Is it customized or a template?)
  • Content (Ask: Is it customized or a template?)
  • Blogs (Ask: Are they syndicated or custom-written for you only?
  • Marketing Templates
  • Social Media Services
  • Basic Search Engine Optimization
  • Newsletters
  • And possibly more

This is one of the most popular and densely populated landscapes in the managed services marketing community.

Buyer beware. Do your homework.

High-End Custom MSP Marketing Solution

This is where the choices continue to narrow. Just like your own managed services business, there are options from a one-man show to a large MSP marketing agency.

When you speak to your prospects about the disadvantages of selecting a one-man show for technology services, the same rings true here. One-person MSP marketing operations lack the depth to provide all the services you require.

You are better off selecting one of the few “full-service” managed service marketing agencies.

Pricing will range from $2,000 per month right up to 10’s of thousands.

The average price is somewhere around $3,000 per month for a managed services marketing agency to market your MSP business in the online and offline world.

This is important to understand at this price point. Marketing for your managed services company needs to be a complete solution, not just online or offline.

To get value for your managed services marketing investment makes sure the company you are considering offers:

  • A detailed 30-, 90- and 365-day marketing strategy.
  • A full reporting solution complete with online and offline metrics.
  • Quarterly or annual onsite visits.
  • Weekly or bi-weekly strategy sessions.
  • Plus, everything else mentioned above.

For this kind of investment, you should be looking for an outsourced chief marketing officer and a professional organization that will guide you and heads you in the right direction.

Do your homework and research their clients and their performance.

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Stuart R. Crawford

Stuart Crawford serves as Creative Director and CEO with Sebring, FL based Ulistic, a specialty MSP Marketing firm focused on information technology marketing and business development. He brings a wealth of knowledge and experience pertaining to how technology business owners and IT firms can use marketing as a vehicle to obtain success.


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