Guaranteed Strategy To Win More MSP Recurring Revenue

I have a question for you: When was the last time you added a client testimonial to your MSP website?

Guaranteed Strategy To Win More MSP Recurring Revenue

I have a question for you: When was the last time you added a client testimonial to your MSP website? To your social media accounts? One thing you should be paying attention to is the quantity and quality of client testimonials you are receiving. In a world where businesses are looking for more ways to stand out from their competition, it is crucial to establish a connection with your existing and prospective clients. This is where client testimonials come into play.

Many businesses that receive services from an MSP often don't think to leave reviews. Restaurants and retail stores are more likely to get reviews without a request from the business. In the IT and MSP industry, you have to seek reviews and testimonials and cultivate them. How can you do this? You can start by quantifying the impact you are having on your clients. If you are not providing substantial metrics of productivity, efficiency, security, performance, etc., you will leave it up to your clients to determine if they are getting the best results.

Using Client Testimonials in Your MSP Marketing Strategy

We know that marketing is time-consuming, and your schedule is already filled with managing your business's operations and ensuring your clients receive the services they need to keep their operations running. Rather than putting marketing on the back burner, you can be an active participant in one of the most effective marketing tactics around; customer testimonials. One of the great things about this marketing tactic? It is a hands-off marketing tactic.

Client testimonials are your way of letting your clients do the marketing for you. Why not use this to your advantage? Prospective clients and leads will want to hear about the experiences other businesses have had with your MSP business. Hearing about another business's experience with your MSP services may be just the motivation a prospective client needs to reach out to you for IT services.

If you want this to work, you will need to get testimonials from your clients, get their permission to publish them on your website, and incorporate the testimonials into your MSP marketing materials. With a client testimonials page on your website, this could be one of the first pages they view to help them determine if your MSP business can provide them with the services and solutions they need.

How to Use Client Testimonials on Your Website

The power of client testimonials is an incredible and exciting thing. This type of advertising for your MSP business is the perfect way to promote your MSP business and brand, acquire new clients, and reward your clients' trust and loyalty. With the majority of all internet traffic made up of video content, video testimonials are more powerful than ever.

Video client testimonials give prospective clients the ability to see and hear your existing clients share their genuine opinions about your services, and this can give your brand indisputable credibility. Satisfied and happy clients will become your MSP business's strongest salespeople, and a video client testimonial ensures that their satisfaction is leveraged to its full potential.

Asking your clients to give a testimonial is a sign of trust. It means you want to know the opinions of your clients because you value and trust them. What will your clients do when they know you trust them and value them as clients? After their video has been produced and documented, they will share their testimonial about your MSP business, adding additional credibility to your business and brand.

One of the keys to increasing sales is leveraging your relationships and partnerships. This sense of loyalty you have instilled in the client will make them come back for more, and this will lead to them encouraging those within their networks to reach out to you to address their IT-related needs. Once you earn the trust of a client, you want to make sure you use that to your advantage and spread the word. When you are able to do this, you will encourage other businesses to switch from prospective clients to loyal clients.

Generate Recurring Revenue by Using Client Testimonials

Prospective clients and leads will respond to testimonials because of the credibility aspect. One of the challenges of running an MSP business is establishing evidence that your MSP business is worth partnering with. Testimonials will assist you in attracting new clients and leads so that you can expand your reach.

In addition to that, client testimonials also serve a great deal to MSPs who want to improve their SEO marketing. Since client testimonials can be made shareable, when you use credible testimonials on your website, you can generate a boost in your SEO. Your video testimonials should also be credible for a number of reasons. Google continues to emphasize the importance of honesty and fairness.

Testimonials are important for MSPs because they can provide a variety of benefits, including the following:

  • Improves your MSPs SEO performance
  • Increases online conversions
  • Establishes social evidence

The consistent use of client testimonials can help you generate more revenue not only from every client but from every time they visit your MSP site. Before implementing client video testimonials into your marketing strategy, you should determine what key metrics you can track for new clients to provide evidence of the value you bring to your industry. If you tracked these metrics and indicators for every client, you will get results you can promote in your MSP marketing, You will also have the results you need to tie what you do to your clients' productivity.

Testimonials have proven to be a valuable source of social evidence. Businesses want to know if they are making the right decision before reach out to a business for services and/or products. Efficient client testimonials can boost your conversion rates and lead to recurring revenue. Client testimonials also increase confidence by serving as an endorser or salesperson, which will lead to others jumping on board.

If you are not using testimonials on your MSP website, you are missing out on one of the most cost-effective and effective marketing strategies available. To learn about how you can share client testimonials, talk to our digital marketing experts at Ulistic LP. We can help you share your clients' experiences that will be sure to attract and expand your audience.


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