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Phone Service DowntimesTo compete in today’s technology-driven world, businesses must not only avoid IT downtimes but phone service downtimes as well.  Citadel Blue recently helped one of their clients do this using MPLS (multiprotocol label switching) Technology.

How Citadel Blue (Greenwich IT Company) Improved Up Time For Their Client’s IT

MPLS allows you to divert and route traffic around potential link failures, congestion, and bottlenecks so IT can stay up and running during these incidences. Previously, when Citadel Blue’s client MPLS had issues, connectivity was difficult to restore between sites.

So, they moved their MPLS from inside to outside the firewall. By doing this we provided redundancies in the system and the ability to back up the MPLS via their Internet VPN (virtual private network). By backing up the MPLS network their client now receives a very cost-effective backup solution for their wide area network (WAN).

How They Improved Up Time For The Client’s Phone System

The client is located in an area where the Verizon T-1s frequently goes down, resulting in phone service downtimes. Citadel Blue was able to mitigate this by replacing Verizon copper T-1s with fiber optic phone lines and running them over the MPLS, thus eliminating the traditional phone lines in entirety. This has not only resulted in more uptime but substantial savings for their client.

Do you need help designing your MPLS network? Citadel Blue can install an MPLS redundant system or improve your current MPLS network to increase redundancies, and reduce downtimes.

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