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Why Gray Leaf Technology Consultants Delivers the Most Robust vCIO

Not all virtual Chief Information Officers (CIO) are created equally. One reason Gray Leaf Technology Consultants sticks out in the crowd of competitors is its dedication to driving revenue for its clients. It focuses on custom application development, alongside Microsoft 365 and Sharepoint.

John Laub from Gray Leaf prides himself on his company’s collaborative environment with clients. It’s all about figuring out a way to generate new projects while working with MSPs. It goes beyond the trouble tickets to generate real revenue, and that’s the key to driving innovation moving forward.

This helps make the company unique among vCIOs, aside from the fact that it doesn’t try to sell you on services you don’t need. Let’s dive into more about why Gray Leaf consistently surpasses its clients’ expectations.

Inside the Gray Leaf Process

It starts with an IT road map. This allows the MSP to track each project throughout their company in terms of allocated resources and revenue generated. It’s the key to planning and executing a successful IT project. Of course, to do this requires a unified platform, and that’s what Gray Leaf’s development team created.

The agency uses an MSP customer experience portal template. Each MSP client has access to their site within this portal, but that same Sharepoint portal is also quick and easy to deploy to new clients. This unified platform helps any company move into the green in a visual chart that’s tracking every penny spent.

VCIOs that provide this kind of data can show the direct impact your actions are having on the overall company. When comparing multiple possible IT projects, for example, you could be looking at items like replacing a Cisco router or switch or implementing multi-factor authentication.

Using this platform, you get an instant visual of long-term benefits to justify costs for each IT project waiting in your queue. Even with a low project cost, there’s time and other resources dedicated, and Gray Leaf is dedicated to providing true technology value for your business.

Integrating with Current Data Solutions

One of Gray Leaf’s big selling points is its usage of Microsoft 356 and Sharepoint. These platforms are widely used and easy to integrate with other data sources. While a cookie-cutter solution isn’t possible to meet every business’s needs, there are benefits to using a platform that’s so easy to integrate with existing enterprise data.

Every company is unique and has its business model, so it’s essential to have an open dialogue to learn specific needs. Exploring different approaches is necessary to determine the efficacy of your ultimate solution.

Laub and other Gray Leaf project managers are always laser-focused on taking complicated tasks and making them simple. Their technology solutions are based on this idea to make it as consumable as possible for the lowest common denominator. However, it’s essential to do that without removing value.

This balance of simplicity of value makes Gray Leaf what it is today.

Delivering Value with a Grounded Approach

A lot of organizations often don’t follow the advice given by hired consultants. It’s almost as though the bureaucracy prevents the right decisions, and Gray Leaf tunnels through this red tape to help organizations do the right thing.

From a self-analytical standpoint, consultants are always seeking to improve. It’s not uncommon for a consulting agency to ignore its inefficiencies and neglect to take its advice. It’s all about a mindset.

Gray Leaf embues everything it does with an iterative, agile mindset. It’s about more than just project sprints – an agile mindset embodies the fact that good organizations have practical barriers to doing the right thing. Gray Leaf helps organizations cut through the red tape and overcome those barriers to do the right thing for the company and its shareholders.

One manufacturer was working on a website to help build eCommerce, but it lacked the credit card payment infrastructure needed to make it effective. Before merely doing what was asked, the developers met with the team to ensure they understood what was happening. By the end, it was found they wanted and needed two different things.

It’s through working with Gray Leaf that they discovered the real solution to their problems.

Getting Started with the Best vCIO

In the post-coronavirus world, technology is more critical than ever. Every business in every sector had its technology tested, and we are entering a new paradigm in the business world that is forever engrained in our collective consciousness.

Pandemics aside, it’s simply more cost-effective to enable remote work, and these solutions require reliable IT that many companies lack. A vCIO like Gray Leaf is the perfect solution.

Contact Gray Leaf Technologies today to learn how your company can get armed with the tools to overcome challenges we’ll face in the 2020s and beyond.

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