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There are a lot of resources in the world that can help you market your business. Google search marketing for MSPs provides many of them. One, in particular, is Google Reviews. If you aren’t familiar with the system, it’s an easy way for any company to generate valuable customer feedback. Today, you can learn how to make use of Google reviews in three easy steps.

Step 1: Enable Reviews

Every business should have a Google My Business account; it’s a basic step in SEO services for MSPs. There’s a good chance that you already do, but if not, that’s step one. Just go to business.google.com and fill out the forms to create the account. If you already have it, you want to sign in and look at your reviews. You can find them from the home page of your Google My Business page. There is a link on the left column labeled “reviews.” Click on it and see what your customers have to say about you. Now, if you haven’t been actively working to generate reviews, you might find your feedback page to be pretty lean. Thankfully, there are ways to remedy this.

Step 2: Generate More Reviews

Now that you’re certain you can actually get reviews, it’s time to ask people to rate your business. Interestingly, you can’t do this directly by sending people to your My Business page. There will be no link for them to write a review. Instead, the best place to send customers is to your listing on Google Maps, but that can be a little messy.

Here’s how you can simplify everything. Find your business on Google Maps. When you do, the URL will probably be extremely long. You’re going to copy that monster address and then use a URL shortening service (Bitly works great). This will generate a more convenient address that still works. You’re going to share the shortened address with all of your clients and prospects. You can make it the primary link you put on your business card, mention in social media and all of your other promotional efforts. It’s also ok to ask for reviews when you provide the link. This should start generating good feedback.

Step 3: Notifications

Technically, notifications won’t improve how you generate reviews, but it’s still important to remember. From your My Business page, you can navigate to the settings and check the box to get notifications for customer reviews. This will make sure you remember to check your feedback, and it will help you avoid leaving a bad review or poor customer interaction unattended.

Bonus Tip

Reviews are a great resource for seeing what your business is getting right and wrong. That said, responding to reviews requires a delicate touch. You’ve been in the business long enough to know that not all customers will be reasonable, but you have to remember that your reviews and responses are on a public forum. Never get defensive, and always thank customers for feedback (if you choose to respond). Used correctly, review responses are a great way for you to show new and prospective customers how you deal with a problem. It can also help you identify real issues that need resolution.

That’s all it takes. Google reviews can’t transform your business on their own, but they are a valuable resource that can help your visibility and your image. Combine them with other marketing services for MSPs, and you’ll be on your way to great success.

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