Google Ads New Strike Policy

Come September, there will be a new twist to Google ads policies—the three strike ad policy system.

New Google Ads New Strike Policy For MSPs

It feels like it was just yesterday we were debating on issues like how to dispute Google ads disapproval and the new credit policies. Well, yet another change has dawned upon us—come September, there will be a new twist to Google ads policies—the three strike ad policy system.

Under this new policy, advertisers who continuously infringe Google Ads policies by engaging in unethical activities such as enabling dishonest behavior and dealing in unapproved products such as guns, tobacco, drugs, and weapons will be issued warnings and strikes. Ahead we'll cover all the essential elements of the new Google Ads strike policy, including:

  • What Google Ads strike policy is and how it works
  • How it will affect advertisement
  • And ways of preparing and avoiding suspensions and strikes when this policy becomes operational in September.

Let's dive in.

What Is Google Ads Strike Policy?

On 20th July 2021, Google announced that it would pilot a new policy in which repeat offenders of three of its policies will be issued with strikes (penalties)—with the third strike leading to an indefinite account suspension. The three policies that Google will be piloting are:

The Changes That Will Come With Google Ads New Strike Policy

To help create a positive and safe user experience, Google will require that advertisers comply with the Google ads policies. Advertisers who fail to comply with the Google ads policies will be issued with strikes which will be accompanied by email and in-account notifications. This action is meant to motivate advertisers to not only adhere to Google ads policies but also deter them from making repeat violations. Below is a breakdown of how Google Ads three strike policy will work:

Strike one

When an advertiser makes their first breach against Google ads policies, they will only get a warning. So what qualifies as a first strike? Well, the first penalty (strike) is triggered if any part of your ad violates a policy that you had been previously notified about within the last 90 days.  The first strike will lead to your account being put on hold for three days. This is to say that none of your ads will run within that period. Once the period elapses, your ads will continue running normally. However, that ad that had violations will remain disabled until the violation is corrected—an advertiser will have to remedy the violation in question and submit an acknowledgment form to resume serving ads.

Strike two

Advertisers will get the second strike upon violating the same policy within 90 days of the first strike. The second strike will lead to your account being put on hold for 7 days. Just like with the first strike, you'll be required to correct the faulty ad and submit an acknowledgment form to resume running ads normally. Alternatively, you can appeal the strike decision if you believe it was issued in error. Failing to take any action upon receiving a strike will result in your account remaining on a temporary hold.

Strike three

Suppose you repeatedly violate the same policy within 90 days of the second strike; Google will issue you with a final strike that leads to account suspension for an unspecified period.

Google is thorough with its ads strike policy that it even includes 3D printing of unapproved copies. These include images, ad extensions, and landing pages. As such, you need to be keen not to violate Google's Ads policies.

Steps for Preparing for Google Ads Strike Policy

You don't need to wait for September to streamline your advertising efforts with Google's new policies. Here are some pointers that will help you get ready for the new policies and ensure that your account has no violations:

Resolve or appeal any outstanding violations and disapprovals

The soon-to-be-introduced policies should act as a wake-up call to review your account for any violations or disapprovals. Sweep through all the appeals that you've previously made and ensure that they are resolved. You should also apply for changes to eliminate any disapproved items to rid yourself of any future worries.

Examine your website and account for any content that could be potentially triggering

Play it safe by checking all your digital assets for discrepancies that may arise on Google's automated review system. Remove or change any images or verbiage that could pose even the slightest risk to your account. As a thumb rule: you should probably change or remove any content that you find yourself questioning. One tool that can come in handy when examining your account is the FREE Google Ads performance grader. So, be sure to use it to get a full audit of your account.

Launch new content before September if possible

Rolling out new content before September will ensure that you save yourself a warning in case of disapproval for violations of Google's strike policy when they become operational. Keep in mind that anytime you make a change to an ad copy, it is automatically reviewed by Google. That said, it wouldn't hurt to test the waters by activating your ad campaigns to ascertain what does and doesn't get approved. Suppose your ad doesn't get approved, you'll have enough time to appeal.

Refrain from creating a backup account now or after your suspension

Let's face it, most people would be tempted to create a workaround in case of account suspension. Well, that wouldn't be the most prudent thing to do, given Google's policy of creating even more suspensions when it is detected that you have a backup account(s).

Google Ads Consulting For MSPs

Google's new ad policy offers clear consequences and actions for advertisers. It will provide punitive actions for advertisers who enable dishonest behavior, deal in dangerous products and services, and unapproved substances. That said, partnering with a top IT marketing firm can help ensure that you comply with Google Ads strike policies.  Ulistic is that firm for you. We offer a wide range of marketing services, including creating lead generation websites, Google SEO & Ads, and other IT marketing packages. With us, you are guaranteed that your account will not only comply with Google's Strike policies but that it will rank higher in search engines and generate more leads. Schedule a consultation today to learn more about our services.


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