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Free MSP Marketing Download: 4th Of July Email Template


Do you have a 4th of July email strategy ready to go out to your clients, prospects and your mailing list?

Why?  Why not…do you really need another reminder about the importance of communicating with your client and prospect base regularly?

It is a proven fact that 9 in 10 managed service companies DO NOT have a communication strategy where they connect with their clients and prospects on a consistent schedule.  9 out of 10 MSPs get an F.  What does this mean to you?  Your competitors are failing so why should you fail and why wouldn’t you strike knowing there is an opportunity here?  I know why?  “But Stuart we don’t wanna be spammers!”  Get over it.  Communicate with your clients and prospects and reap the rewards or join the class of the strugglers who don’t want to be known as “spammers”.

Did you know that 78% of business relationships breakdown due to lack of regular communications?  Striking isn’t it?  Something to be said here.  Why play with the 90% of MSPs that fail with their marketing efforts?

Join the 10% of managed service companies who have a regular communication strategy by taking the first step and downloading the free html email template for the 4th of July.  MSP Marketing 4th of July.  Did we say “IT IS FREE”.

Are you a client of Ulistic?  We do this for you…just email Chelsea or call her on the phone at 716.799.1999 to get yours scheduled.

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Stuart Crawford serves as Creative Director and CEO with Sebring, FL and Fort Erie, ON-based Ulistic, a specialty MSP Marketing firm focused on information technology marketing and business development. He brings a wealth of knowledge and experience pertaining to how technology business owners and IT firms can use marketing as a vehicle to obtain success.

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