Fatal Email Marketing Mistakes That Enrage Prospects

Everyone who's marketing online will agree that email readers develop a visceral connection with you, are more responsive, and will buy more from you.

Fatal Email Marketing Mistakes That Enrage Prospects to Hit the Delete Button

Key Points for The Article:

  • Email marketing is still the most powerful tool to take your MSP business to the next level.
  • However, one poorly written business can discredit your business's professional image.
  • You need to keep an eye on some fatal mistakes that might hurt your business.

Email marketing is a critical component of a business's marketing strategies. You can convert prospects into long-term clients, reach out to customers, and promote your MSP business with email.

Everyone who's marketing online will agree that email readers develop a visceral connection with you, are more responsive, and will buy more from you.

However, one poorly written email can discredit your business' professional image and enrage your prospect to hit the delete button and never think about you again. While it's easy to hit the send button, you should keep an eye on several mistakes that might hurt your brand.

Here are fatal mistakes that get your email ignored and how to avoid them.

1. Writing the Wrong Subject Line

The email subject line is the most important part of your email. The subject line is a huge determinant of whether the recipient will open your email and how they'll respond to you.

Getting it wrong is one of the surest ways of getting ignored.

However, if you're like other marketing professionals, you write dozens of emails a day and barely think about your subject line. For many, the subject line is an afterthought they add just before they hit the send button.

If anything, you should focus most of the subject line because getting it wrong makes the rest of the email useless. You should approach the subject line correctly, whether reaching out to potential clients or communicating with an already-existing client.

Here are some tips for writing subject lines that create a lasting impact on your recipients:

  • Be clear, specific, and relevant about what the email is about. The email title should communicate what your email is about so the recipient can prioritize your email without opening it. More importantly, you must ensure your subject line is relevant to who you're sending the email to.
  • Highlight the value you have to offer. When sending a cold email to a person you barely know, you're better off indicating the value you're offering and what your recipient will get in the subject. You need to pique the recipient's interest by offering something useful. Otherwise, no one will care about you.
  • Personalize the subject line with the recipient's company or name. Before even thinking of sending an email, you should know the person you're sending the email to. Use the subject line to let your recipient know the email is about them or a subject interesting to them. Personalization improves the chances of your recipient opening your email.

Writing your email subject line right tells your recipient you put it in; the email wasn't just a random email. That way, even if the recipient isn't going to do business with you, you'll get a response.

2. Running Marketing Campaign with a Gmail or Outlook Free Email

You should never use a Gmail account to run your MSP email marketing campaign. An MSP doing their emails marketing campaigns with the Gmail or Outlook email have nearly zero chances of winning because of one simple reason:

Businesses don't trust messages coming from free accounts like Gmail and Outlook. Even if by any chance any business trust you, no one want to put their trust in someone with no custom domain.

A free email appears so amateurish in front of prospects. Whether you like it or not, email recipients will judge you based on your email address and content.

When prospects receive email from a generic Gmail account, the immediate judgment that runs into their mind includes:

  • You're an outdated organization that can't offer any innovative ideas to them
  • You're not a legitimate business — why would you use a free Gmail or Outlook email
  • If your business cannot invest in a proper email address, you don't have enough funds to sustain yourself

The above perceptions aren't the first online impression your MSP wants to create. When meeting your prospects for the first time, you should exude the aura of professionalism to show your credibility.

Your email should get the same level of attention from your recipient. You need an email with your custom domain because branded emails show your recipient that your brand is qualified, established, and unique.

3. Email Content Being Unauthentic with Website Content

Even a little inauthenticity can cost your business regarding email campaigns. Dishonesty when dealing with businesses is always risky, no matter how small it might be.

For instance, a company reached out to Ulistic with a Gmail account. At the bottom, the email included the company website address. While the email was unprofessional, we checked the website to identify who the company was.

On checking the website, the company claimed to have served over 1000 clients and had over 800 employees. The big question that left us wondering was:

Why would such a big company reach out to prospects with a free Gmail account?

Even if the company was who it claimed to be, using a free email account is a huge red flag. Your email should rhyme with the information on your website. Many businesses may find it easy to overinflate who they are — seeking to impress prospects by twisting the truth.

The Brutal Honesty

If you lie your way into a deal, you'll get caught — maybe later or earlier when your recipient verifies your credential or sometime down the road. Even small inauthenticity can damage the reputation of your brand.

You shouldn't risk destroying your credibility with prospects by being unauthentic. Sometimes you might get through and miraculously win a prospect. However, you'll have to perform as you promised, which might be out of your reach.

Ulistic Can Help Your MSP Approach Email Marketing Correctly

Email marketing is one of the best marketing strategies an MSP can adopt.  According to Direct Marketing Association, email marketing has a 4300% return on investment for businesses in the USA.

Ulistic can help your MSP approach email marketing the right way. We help seven and eight figures managed service providers with email marketing and can also help you.  Contact us today to get started.


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