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Want New Clients?  Place Facebook Ads.

How Will Facebook Ads Work for You?

  • They Reach Your Target Audience: You can reach exactly who you want—A specific vertical, age group, locality.
  • They Function on What’s Relevant to People: Facebook runs on the basic principle that if you “liked” something, you’ll want to see more of it.  They show you advertising that’s relevant to you. If you “Google” for something, Facebook knows you’ve been looking for it, and they’ll show it to you.  What this means is that you’ll be reaching folks who are interested in IT services and support.

Things You Can Do for Free?

Put up a business page of your own on Facebook.  Share what you do, your successes, case studies and more.  Place posts that will help people get to know your business and YOU.  This is a great way to develop not only interest but trust in who you and your teammates are.

Join Business Groups on Facebook.

Join the ones that will be interested in your MSP Services.  SMBs in your locality.  Groups that rely heavily on cybersecurity.  Offer a discount to veterans’ groups.  This is a great way to introduce your business to others.

Remember This—You’re Going to Make Mistakes.

You may put up a video that you look at a year later and cringe when you watch it.  That’s okay.  No one will notice.  You’ll learn as you go and only get better.  But you must “get out of the gate” and get going with Facebook.

The Biggest Mistake You Can Make?

Trying to do this yourself.  Placing Facebook Ads can be complicated. You need professional support and advice or you’ll waste time and money. Ulistic has the expertise you need to reach and draw in new clients using Facebook.  We know how to construct ads that are focused and targeted to reach the maximum number of prospects. Then we’ll help you turn these prospects into leads, and ultimately clients.  This isn’t a “one-size-fits-all” campaign.  We know how to customize your ads and placement so you’ll get the biggest bang for your buck.

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