Are Your Headlines Evoking Emotion?

Are your headlines evoking emotion in your audience? A ho-hum headline will cause your audience to tune out -- quickly! See how to reel them back in with words.

Are your headlines evoking emotion in your audience? A ho-hum headline will cause your audience to tune out -- quickly! See how to reel them back in with words.  

Are your emails and blog posts getting the attention that they deserve? Your audience might be skimming right over your headlines, especially if the message isn't coming through in the headline. With more than 300 billion emails zinging around the world every single day, it takes a lot to break through the clutter and have your audience pay attention. At Ulistic, we've learned over the years that you have to capture attention quickly if you want to make an impact. If your headlines aren't evoking a strong emotion with your audience, it's a safe bet that they're going to get overlooked much more often than they are acted upon. Here are some ways to score your headlines and pump up your audience with emotion.


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Checking Your Emotional Intelligence

Is your emotional intelligence on point -- at least when it comes to your headlines? You might be surprised that certain pieces of content you expected to deeply engage your audience didn't get a lot of traffic, and that can be caused by headlines that fizzle instead of sizzle. Fortunately, checking the emotional factor of your headlines is easy when you have the right tools! At Ulistic, we use the aptly-named Emotional Marketing Value Headline Analyzer from the Advanced Marketing Institute. This tool breaks down your headlines and gives you a score that correlates to how much emotion you are using in your text. While higher numbers are definitely better, you should be good with anything over 50% in terms of results.

More Is Definitely Not Better

Creating headlines that move people doesn't require a lot of words, and you should avoid trying to answer all of the questions in your headline. If you're giving away the ending in the first line of your blog post, do you think people will want to keep reading? Probably not -- which is why your headline should be considered a way to tease people into pausing to read the information that you have to share. Keep your headlines short because people love to quickly flick past articles to find something that catches their eye before committing the time and effort to read more deeply.

Attention Span of a Goldfish

Poor goldfish, they really get the shaft when it comes to discussions about how long they can focus -- experts say goldfish are good for around 9 seconds, while humans only maintain focus for 8! However, the thought that people have approximately the attention span of a goldfish may not tell the entire story. The experts at argue that the attention span of humans isn't shrinking. It's actually evolving, which allows us to focus more attentively on information with which we wish to engage. That's great news for the pieces of content that manage to snag attention . . . but could spell bad news for content that doesn't prove interesting to readers.


Online Headline Analyzer

Keeping the attention of your audience is a full-time job, requiring your marketing team to be continually evolving as digital tactics and audience behavior changes. Your website is one of the key entry points for your business, and if it isn't capturing attention you could be losing business to your competitors. Get your website graded online for free by our professional team at Ulistic when you fill out our quick online form. As a bonus, you'll also receive a free, 60-minute consultation with our Founder and CEO -- Stuart Crawford, whose years of experience in MSP marketing can give you the edge that you need to succeed.


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