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The Mission Behind Serion Technology – New Orleans IT Support Services.

Thomas Wimprine is the founder and CEO of Serion Technology, a full-service IT support and services firm in New Orleans. He prides himself on being able to translate IT into plain English that business owners can understand. Rather than taking the typical customer-provider approach, he treats each client as a partner.

Accordingly, he goes to great lengths to determine the best strategies that allow his clients to meet their business objectives at the highest standard. Effectively addressing his clients’ needs has always been at the core of his company’s success. Through consistent efforts, he achieves unique and comprehensive solutions that often surpass client expectations.

The history behind Serion Technology…and how it all began:

Thomas first ventured into IT services in 1992 while he was still in high school. Over the course of his IT career, he worked for small partners, large enterprises, and federal government agencies. However, after some time, he realized that he was capable of doing a superior job than the companies he had been working for. Hence, he founded Serion Technology to cater to small and midsize businesses that need enterprise-level services and stability brought to their environments.

What does he think are some of the challenges facing business in New Orleans and how can technology help them?

He thinks that while New Orleans has a unique way of framing the problems that need to be addressed, their problems aren’t unique to anyone else in this country. Without question, IT services like business continuity and disaster recovery would have helped businesses to cope in the aftermath of Katrina, Sandy, and other natural and manmade disasters. However, apart from these services, there are a series of business processes that are also important. Therefore, what he brings to the table is ensuring that businesses understand what their risks are, how those risks can be mitigated, and what the possible remediation processes entail.

What are some examples of challenges that he has helped some businesses to solve?

Some of his clients are very security conscious and therefore prefer not to use Cloud services while others are more enthusiastic about the Cloud. Therefore, he has strived to find a unique solution for each client while ensuring that all solutions are comprehensive and solid across the board. In this way, each time someone calls with a problem, his staff can provide high levels of support without having to undergo any retraining. Moreover, most of the disasters that his clients experience are manmade. However, for many small businesses and even some larger businesses, data backup is an afterthought. Serion technology has the systems to manage backups and keep data protected.

What would he say to a New Orleans small business owner who is hesitant about making an investment in technology?

He would avoid talking about technology investments because while tech is a wonderful thing, if it isn’t leveraged properly, it doesn’t do any good. Instead, what he would say is let’s sit down and put together a plan that meets your business needs and helps you sleep at night. Normally that’s all a business owner needs—a tangible plan that shows how they can get from A to B.

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