New MRR Opportunity For Managed IT Service Companies

Discover how your Managed Services business can make new recurring revenue by partnering with Deep Sentinel. Check out what they have to offer.

How Does Deep Sentinel Provide MRR Opportunities For Managed IT Service Providers?

MSPs can increase their income by partnering with Deep Sentinel, a unique residential and commercial security offering. With margins up to 25% on installations and monthly service fees, this security camera plus monitoring offering can increase passive revenue streams. Originally targeted at the residential market, Deep Sentinel security systems have found their way into the commercial space due to their proactive business model.

For Managed Service Providers, Smart Home System installers and Security firm, Deep Sentinel provides a passive revenue stream when offered as an add-on to other services. Here's how it works?

How Does Deep Sentinal Provide Eyes-on Protection?

The product is a set of motion-sensitive camera that you put up around the outside of your building or perimeter of your property. Motion triggers the camera to stream live video to the Deep Sentinel service hub. The hub is a small computer that runs the AI filter, which filters out anything that's not a person or vehicle. If the camera detects a person or vehicle, the live video is streamed to Deep Sentinel's operation hub.

Guards review each live stream video filtered to them. The cameras act as a two-way intercom so guards can question anyone who shows up on site. The guards can have a casual dialog or react aggressively. Plus, the security cameras double as a 104-decibel klaxon alarm system. Finally, the guards can call 911 from the business location. Because the call is coming from eyewitnesses, Deep Sentinel gets a fairly good response from the police.

The combination of motion-sensitive cameras and guard interaction can stop a lot of crimes before they happen. This differs from security features such as locks and secure-entry devices where the crime is already in progress before anyone notices it.

Are There Video Examples of Deep Sentinel in Action?

The Deep Sentinel site offers hundreds of videos of the system in action. Watch as guards thwart home invaders, burglars, people spraying graffiti and homeless people using the business as a public restroom. Over the Christmas holiday and during shelter-in-place orders, people had more packages delivered to their homes. Deep Sentinel has prevented multiple package thefts, as seen in this video.

On the commercial side, businesses with retail storefronts often have issues with the homeless population. Deep Sentinel does a great job of keeping people off the property overnight. This is particularly important for businesses near rivers and overpasses where homeless people congregate. Business owners using the system gratefully note the lack of needles, trash and other debris when they come to open up their businesses in the mornings.

How Does Deep Sentinel Provide a Lucrative Passive Income Stream for MSPs?

Many MSPs offer camera installation as a one-time service. However, it doesn't generate income because monitoring the system could become a full-time gig. With the Deep Sentinel security camera system, MSPs could sell, install and fine-tune the cameras, then earn residual monthly income from the subscription revenue.

Deep Sentinel provides propriety, standalone cameras packed with functionality, including motion detection, two-way speakers for the guards to interact with people on site, infrared night vision and a speaker for the klaxon noise. Currently, the company doesn't retrofit existing cameras for their service offering.

The upfront cost is currently $600 to $800 for a system with 5-8 cameras. The monthly fee is $100 for up to three cameras, plus $20 per camera after that. Deep Sentinel can take the order, deal with the installation and feed margin to the MSP resellers on the backend, or the MSP can act as the interface for the customer and handle the billing, which would include the fees to Deep Sentinel plus the markup.

Businesses with existing cameras can add-on front and back door monitoring ($100 per month after installation) or doorbell monitoring ($60 per month after installation). MSPs can add their markups when reselling these services.

How Can Deep Sentinel Help in Smash and Grab Crimes?

Deep Sentinel offers a clear advantage over static cameras that don't copy video footage to the cloud. For businesses with large properties and multiple cameras, the data size becomes too large for that to be realistic. By adding Deep Sentinel to their security solutions, businesses can capture the footage that matters and store it away in real-time. Smash and grab criminals are often savvy enough to grab the DVR to hide the evidence of their crimes.

With Deep Sentinel, the live video feed takes just 2-8 seconds to get to the live-monitoring site where it's stored in the cloud for 90 days. In the event of a crime, the live video gets saved off indefinitely and can be packaged up and shipped off to the police for forensic evidence.

What Hours Does the System Cover?

With some exceptions, Deep Sentinel serves as an after-hours security system for the exterior perimeter of businesses. Most businesses want to keep people off the property and deter crime while no one is on the premises.

Is There a Deep Sentinel App Work?

The Deep Sentinel app can be downloaded to your smartphone or another device to allow remote control and system monitoring. There's a privacy setting where you can turn the cameras off during the daytime when the business is open. You can also review the latest video footage.

The app has a "panic button" that sets off the klaxon alarm if you notice anything suspicious. You can also contact the guards through the app.

What if Employees Are Working After Hours?

You can supply a safe word for employees to use if they need to access the property.

What Discounts Are Available for MSPs?

MSP resellers receive a 50% discount on the equipment and monitoring. All customers enjoy a 30-Day free trial period with a money-back guarantee. To qualify for the discount, you have to sell at least one unit in the first 90 days of the partnership.

Chris Sterbenc, chief revenue officer for Deep Sentinel, recommends using a live system when reselling the systems, saying, "At the end of the day, a live production system in an app is a wonderful demo too. You can tell them. It makes it real when you show them a video."

How Can I Learn More About Partnering with Deep Sentinel?

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