How Cows & MSPs Are Similar

Many MSPs with low-quality marketing solutions get regurgitated content, which hurts their SEO.

The Regurgitated Content Problem That Prevents MSPs From Conquering the Search Engine

Key Points From The Article

  • Many MSPs with low-quality marketing solutions get regurgitated content, which hurts their SEO.
  • While Google doesn't penalize websites for duplicate content, the search engine giant uses all means possibly not to rank pages with similar content.
  • Your MSP's SEO is better off with unique content.

What does a cow have in common with some MSPs — especially those with $99 or $200 a month website services? Regurgitation.

You're getting regurgitated content if your business is working with an MSP marketing company offering low-quality solutions. Just like a cow regurgitating its food.

Your content isn't unique. Other MSPs' websites and online properties have content like yours, which might hurt your brand.

How Does Regurgitated Content Impact SEO

The problem with regurgitating content is that it lowers the chances of your business appearing on Google. While Google won't actively penalize you for duplicate content, it won't index similar content.

Google says they try hard to index and rank pages with unique information.

Search engines don't love duplicate content for three main reasons, including:

  1. Google and other search engines have difficulty deciding which of the duplicate content is more relevant to present to users in search results.
  2. Search engines will have problems understanding which versions of the duplicate content to include or exclude in their indices.
  3. Google has a problem assigning authority and passing authority from one page to another with similar content.

If your MSP is publishing content that's already out there, you'll hurt your search engine rankings and suffer rankings and traffic losses.

You should be the first company to get indexed, or Google Be Aware bot usually gets the index. You need to publish quality and unique content to help your SEO. Here are some reasons why you shouldn't publish regurgitated content:

Unique Content Get More Backlinks

Staying ahead of the competition is the key in any market, and one of the best ways your MSP can stand out is by creating an authority online. To create an authority in the industry, you'll need backlinks from credible sites.

Your MSP must know that credible websites link only to sites with unique, quality content. You can easily assume that your competitors have covered everything and that creating unique content is nearly impossible.

The truth,  however, is you can approach what's already out there differently and get links. You can change your content format to build links. Some format you might choose includes:

  • Guide articles: Businesses like to link to guides that put everything a person needs to know about a topic. Find the topic businesses are interested in, and then create a complete guide. If your guide is quality enough, people want to link to your website.
  • Case studies: Most content on many MSP websites is rehashed garbage. A case study is a powerful way to come out unique for two main reasons:
    • Case studies stand out from lame "7 Tips for X" blog posts.
    • A case study gives other websites something to link to.

Your MSP can create posts around in-depth, detailed examinations of a particular case you handle.

  • Studies and surveys: Studies and surveys are difficult to pull out. However, if your MSP can do them right, they're one of the best ways to stand out and attract backlinks. Pulling out a study or survey can do 100X better than an average blog post building backlinks.
  • Visual tools: Visual tools can be any type of visual content, such as infographics, illustrations, charts, and videos.

Visual content is usually unique and works well because you can embed them inside a blog post. Whenever another website uses your visual content, they'll link to you.

Unique Content is More Discoverable

When search engines crawl sites for indexing, they usually pick unique content first. As simple as it might sound, your first step to increasing your website's visibility is creating unique content.

Google is continually resolving not to index similar content. Your MSP should consider writing fresh content if you want your business to be readily discoverable in the search engine.

More importantly, people prefer fresh content that is hard to find anywhere else. If the search engine crawls quickly, indexes your fresh site, and ranks you, your business will be more discoverable by potential clients.

Non-Regurgitated Content Establishes Trust With Audience

Most will lean toward you when you present a unique angle of relevant and valuable content to your audience. Like in any other business, winning prospects' trust is the first step of working together.

When you engage your audience with rare content in the market — or take a new angle — you're building a relationship with them. Relationships not only build your brand's reputation,

but build's loyalty to your company is always good for your business.

You'll keep your audience returning for more since MSPs with unique content are rare. People will have a positive experience on your site, reinforcing their perception of your brand and keeping them coming back to consume more.

Unique Content Help Build Authority

Publishing unique and quality content allows your MSP to flex its muscles and show prospects and customers your expertise in what you offer.

When your post tackles tech issues from a unique angle — addressing prospects' pain points and helping them solve their problem — you position yourself as your industry expert who deserves attention.

Prospects are always aware of brands that genuinely give them the information they need and those that are regurgitating content.  As an authority in your market, the ranking of your website in the search result will likely skyrocket.

Ulistic Will Help You With All Your SEO Needs

Getting the right content for your MSP website is critical in SEO. After all, content is king — especially for MSPs relying on search engines to get the word out about their business.

Considering how discerning and smart today's audiences are, your MSP has the formidable task of reaching out to customers and prospects with unique content. Ulistic can help you get content for your MSP that your audience can't ignore, and Google will rank.

Contact us today for SEO solutions for your website.


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