Top Managed IT Marketing Experts Reveal Ideas To Survive COVID-19 Crisis

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Sharp MSP Minds Share Marketing Ideas

Covid-19 has stalled normal life activities. Schools and businesses alike are closed down. A significant percentage of the workforce is working remotely from home. Only essential service providers are running their business almost in the usual way. However, with the crisis, how do you as an MSP provider remain afloat? Well, technology is one of the areas that have a boost with pandemic, because a lot of people are indoors in their homes while still getting their jobs done.

Here are some few tips on how to make the most during this period:

Marketing Videos

How do you reach a large number of people through videos? The trick is to have educational videos with targeted information for your viewers. You can go the extra mile by involving your customers, such as people in different professional fields like doctors, lawyers, and people in the business. You create synergy for your customers. Make shorts videos ranging from 1 to 10 minutes which are straight to the point yet informative. Use good lighting and high-quality microphones for audio and visual purposes.

Collaborate With Local Entities

You might be wondering how this will market your business. By involving experts in your marketing videos, you will act as a one-stop-shop for your customers. The good idea is to have experts in different professional Fields for one on one interactions full stop; for instance, you can have an accountant on who will talk to your customers about tax strategies.

How Do You Plan For Reopening After Covid-19?

With the increased push of analog to digital, it is easy for you as an MSP provider to reach out to clients. The drive is noticeable in different companies where most are sick to have the electronic part of their business up and running, for instance, e-commerce. You can engage potential clients as you articulate to them how you can help them set up upon reopening their doors after Covid-19.

How About Working Together With Other MSP Providers

Do you wonder how this would work? A trick that is working is teaming up with other MSP providers by pulling your resources together and taking advantage of mailers. For instance, gives MSPs cloud unified communications. Create educational, informative emails for prospective clients and send them out. Some will answer while some may not.

How About Be Proactive?

To pull this off, you must ensure to tread carefully. It is a tough time for most people to approach businesses and ask them how their current MSP providers are treating them during COVID-19. Is the MSP provider involved in their welfare? Additionally, you can also use your email to engage businesses to find out. Go out of your way; make calls.

Virtual Lunch

People are tired of staying at home, aren't they? You can invite people to join you for a virtual lunch which is simply lunch-and-learn. Most people will be willing to get out of their houses for a drive down for lunch. Use that time to educate people about the services you would offer them to grow their business.

How About an Incentive after Covid-19?

Eventually, people will resume work. How about taking advantage of that and pitch your services, two prospective clients. Let them know how you will offer a valuable return to work policy. You can also assure them of an office check after resuming business to ensure there are technological aspects in order.

Branded Logo Masks

Visual marketing sells. At such a period, you can get creative and have your company's masks completed with your logo. Send the mass over to your intended target market. Let that be a physical representation of your intention of working with them.

Open Internet Team's Training

The internet training sessions are like typical conferences the only difference is, you do the training online. The trick is to be consistent to build up a significant following actively. One valuable aspect as you promote your business is to make your content educational. Get a little creative from the typical pitching technique. Inform you are viewers and listeners on the "how-to". For instance, create a video on how to make videos for their online market.

Go Big on Podcasts

Podcasts are the right way of engaging with your customers. For instance, have your previous customer explain their success story after working with you. The podcasts are on a question and answer narrative. If you are not right on camera, you can get someone from within your organization whose personality radiates well in front of the camera for the viewer's maximum attention. You can include feature-based testimonials through your MSP services.

Case studies are also great for educational videos. If you're not doing videos at least try on uploading photos. Let your content be authentic.

Another great technique is to have inbound links in your SEO for your high-profile clientele. Remember collaboration, consistency, and thinking outside the box will cushion you during this tough time. Speak with Ulistic today to find out more about business development, marketing, and sales services for managed IT service businesses.


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